february giveaway

Oops, oops, oops! So much for my giveaway per month……ok it’s almost the end of February so here it is, just sneaking in by a whisker. A Hunky Dory honey bun and a selection of 1/2 metre pieces from the hunky dory range as well as some quilters muslin in pink and white.

hunky dory pack

You’ll be able to make a lovely quilt or various projects with this fabric. And all you have to do is leave a comment to go in the draw….too easy! Entries close next sunday (give or take a day).


  1. ooh, please put me in the draw Corrie

  2. What a very generous competition. Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric.

  3. thanks for the chance to win – I am sure i could make something fun and scrumpious out of that selection! Please put me in the draw!!!

  4. Pick MEEEEE 😀

  5. Oh yes please, they are lovely!! Have a gorgeous week in Retro Family land, love Posie

  6. oooh yes please! pick me!

  7. Yes please, count me in the running. Gorgeous fabric. Thanks :)

  8. OK, I am in…. love the Hunky Dory range.

  9. What a nice giweaway ! Thanks, Corrie !

  10. Yes please! Thanks so much for the giveaway

  11. Wow, i’m just thinking of all the button earrings I could make with that haul :)

  12. Wow! Talk about a great give away! I’d love to win this one! :)

  13. Please please please let it be me!!!

  14. Oh wow! What a great prize! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win…

  15. What a lovely and generous giveaway. Thanks, Jacinta

  16. I’m in.

  17. LOL Sounds like you could use something else to do! hehehe

  18. Pick me! I am desperate to make a quilt but am broke so would love to win this! :-)

  19. Pick Me! Pick Me!
    They are gorgeous fabrics!

  20. Love the colours :)

  21. Those fabrics are so lovely! Tanks so much for the give away!

  22. Thanks for the giveaway Corrie!!! Fingers crossed for this month. :)

  23. Yay for February! Please put me in the draw


  24. Yes please!
    Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you get lots crossed off the to-do list this week x

  25. Oh goodness what gorgeous fabricness! That looks so amazing! Retromummy, I love the energy you throw out across your blog, I am excited!!! You inspire me to want to make stuff! (When I really should be doing assignments, or packing school lunches, or catching up on the washing pile!)

  26. Ooh, what a lovely giveaway (again Corrie, you’re too kind!!). My fingers are crossed :)

  27. Oh me pretty please.

  28. The fabric looks great would love to win, with 2 grandbabies due this year it would make a wonderful baby quilt

  29. They are beautiful, thanks for the opportunity. Frances

  30. Oh Corrie i would love a chance to win this,thankyou.
    cheers shez

  31. What a lovely giveaway Corrie :-) Please add me to the list.
    Many thanks and happy stitching, P

  32. pick me pick me!! 😉

  33. Ooooh gorgeous! Can you enter me too please?? I would love to win :)

  34. Oh wow! That spotty fabric looks yummy!!

  35. Would love love love to win these beauties. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance. :-)

  36. Another great giveaway :) And you aren’t too late for Feb! It’s still Feb for a few more days 😉

    gorgeous fabric

  37. What a generous giveaway! Gorgeous fabrics, thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  38. That fabric is just beautiful! Please enter me in the draw…

  39. oooooooooooohhhhhh…hunky dory, this must be meant for me. 😉
    What a wonderful giveaway Corrie. I’ll be happy to have my name drawn out whenever you get around to it.
    Hugs, Kelly xoxo

  40. colour! love it!

    *fingers crossed*

  41. oh wow! Thank you for the opportunity – could do sooo much with that!

  42. lovely! and thanks for the chance to win.
    Karlyn x

  43. thanks so much for another chance to win one of your fantastic giveaways Corrie.


  44. Oh I love the Hunky Dory range!

  45. ohhhhhh me me me :) It’s all about me! Pretty please :)

  46. Yes! Thank you for a chance!

  47. oh what fun I would have with these goodies!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  48. Yes please!! pick me, pick me!!

  49. oooooooooooo soooooo pretty!!! I would love to enter…..



  50. That is a gorgeous choice Corrie, I’d love to win this bundle. Many thanks for being such a generous blogger who loves sharing the crafting love. x

  51. Wonderful chance to win some beautiful fabric, please pop me in the draw.
    thanks, florrie.

  52. gorgeous!! Love the colours


  53. I love hunky dory. Thanks for a chance to win

  54. delicious fabric…..
    BTW my DH is posting my 4 quilt tops for quilts for queensland tomorrow!!!

  55. absolutely love the fabric. such as generous giveaway.

  56. Wonderful… would love to win this beautiful fabric thanks Belinda

  57. What a great giveaway!
    I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  58. Ooooh I’d love to win this to make my first quilt!
    Thanks Corrie!


  59. What a generous giveaway!! I looove hUnky Dory!!

  60. You’re right! Too easy!

  61. Beautiful fabric, I’m in :)

  62. Love these fabrics. Thanks!

  63. Corrie that fabric is beautiful, i’d love it!

  64. I’ll be in it to win it. Yay for giveaways!

  65. Great giveaway! So generous!! Thanks very much.

  66. What a great giveaway. Please pick me!

  67. Ме, ме, ме!!! Thank you for a chance, Corrie!

  68. Hi – Great giveaway Retromummy thank you so much for choosing the great fabric
    I’ve got my fingers crossed

  69. Those spots are so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. I hope you enjoy your ‘shop break’. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. Count me in!

  72. YAY!

  73. Beautiful fabrics….I’m sure I could find a lovely little home for them in my cubby house / workroom!

  74. Please add my name to giveaway.


  75. Beautiful fabrics and so generous.

  76. Oh thats a nice giveaway.

    I’m in :)

  77. wow corrie what a very generous giveaway…please count me in…dzintra

  78. Fantastic fabrics!

  79. What a great giveaway… Thanks


  80. Oh, Corrie, how you even remember to do this amazes me, given how much else is going on in your life. You are a gorgeous soul. J x

  81. Eccomi ci sono anch’io. Baci baci(kiss kiss) Rosaria

  82. Oooh! Count me in please, Corrie! I LOVE Hunky Dory but was too late to get much!

  83. Gorgeous fabric, would love to enter your draw too!

  84. Putting my name down right now! Thanks

  85. Lovely Giveaway – Id love to be the lucky winner :)

  86. I love this fabric range, a very generous give-away as always Corrie

  87. Thanks, hope I win.

  88. I could have lots of fun with that fabric. Count me in. xo

  89. Oh wow that fabric is stunning! I’m just starting out with sewing and would love to use this stash to make some cute dresses for my baby girl!

  90. I would love to win some fabric! Thanks for the chance!

  91. I’ve been wanting to get started with quilting and have been drooling over fabric online. This would be wonderful!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway opportunity!
    – Melissa

  92. Happy shortest month of the year Corrie!

  93. Wonderful… would love to win this beautiful fabric thanks Eta

  94. me me me please

  95. Lovely fabrics! Crossing fingers……………………………………………………………………………………………………..NOW!

  96. really???? This absolutely fantastic fabric????? I’m in!!!

    Thank you!!!


  97. I’m in, I’m in. I’m becoming moderately obsessed with fabrics that I do absolutely nothing with but look at them and think about all the things I want to make. Sometimes that’s enough… x

  98. Seriously? Ooooh Yum Corrie!
    Thanks :) You are terrific – and we all understand how busy you are right now – don’t sweat it :)

  99. what gorgeous vibrant fabrics :0

  100. Lovely give-away Corrie, please count me in.

    Am enjoying your iPhone photography too!

    Christine xo

  101. fantastic giveaway – please include me – :) Amanda

  102. Ohh look at all that lovely fabric. Fingers crossed

  103. **drool** they are gorgeous!! Holding my breath and crossing my fingers!! thanks

  104. Ah, Corrie, it’S lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  105. I’m not sure if my comment posted. Something crashed and it went funny! I would love to win this fabric so I will try again. Thanks for the chance!

  106. TOTALLY IN!!! Your generosity once again astounds me!

  107. What a beautiful giveaway, thank you so much!

  108. What great fabrics!
    Count me in please!

  109. already so many entries, but you gotta be in it to win it.

  110. Thanks for the chance to win. I have been hooked on the colours since you showed us the quilt you had made.

    Just gorgeous…

  111. woohoo im in

  112. OMG whats not to love about this give away count me in.

  113. Ooh, yes please! And it’s your giveaway, draw it whenever you like teehee

  114. Corrie I would so love a pretty pick me up in the form of your give-away!

  115. Lovely fabrics!

  116. What a great giveaway. Would love to do a play quilt and toy bag with it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  117. Lovely looking fabrics, I’m sure I could make something nice with them, if I was lucky.

  118. Thank you for the giveaway! Love your blog.

  119. can I enter and win again please!

  120. Thanks, this fabric is georgeous…promise I will put it to good use!

  121. Just Gorgeous! What a great giveaway, put in in the draw! Heidi

  122. Wat a lovely fabric.

  123. Stunning fabric. I’d love to be in the draw for this one. Thanks Kathryn

  124. Your giveaways are the BEST!

  125. Pick me, Pick me! A great little giveaway Corrie!

  126. Yah for giveaways…thanks for sharing your lovely wares.

  127. Lovely giveaway, Corrie. Just the thing to help me find my sewing mojo!

  128. I’m always keen for another quilt top, so count me in, lovely fabrics!!

  129. What gorgeous fabrics! Thanks for a great giveaway chance!

    You’ve had so much going on the past month that I’m surprised you’re thinking about a giveaway at all. Take care!

  130. I want too!!!

    Lovely fabrics!!

    Regards from Spain

  131. I’m loving the spring colors.

  132. Gosh this would make my DAY/WEEK/YEAR!!!!!! Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to make a quilt from these.

  133. Please count me in !

    Thanks Corrie!

  134. I would love to be the one picked….fabrics are gorgeous…

  135. Lovely prize – pick me, pick me.

  136. Pick ME Pick ME Pick ME!!!!!!

  137. Hi Corrie, I am sure people would have forgiven you if you hadn’t done it this month, you have enough going on in your life at the moment. Thank you for thinking of others. Hugs Linda

  138. Thanks Corrie for as nice lot, beautiful fabrics!

  139. Wouww wat een prachtige stoffen wil je weggeven, ik wacht geduldig af of ik de winnaar zal zijn:)

  140. It’s still February; it’s all good! 😉

    Gorgeous fabrics…. *drool*

  141. My first ever comp entry ….. fingers crossed!

  142. Wow Corrie!! That is such a beautiful and generous giveaway. I would love to go in the draw :-). Dreaming up a beautiful quilt for my little girl…….

  143. Wow! I’m in of course!

  144. Gosh but these are pretty!! Perfect timing for spring too! Thanks for the chance.

  145. Ooh, I would love to win! Thanks for the chance, cheers!

  146. Ooo..they look gorgeous! Thanks :)

  147. Thanks!!!!!! I would love the chance to win!

  148. They are beautiful!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  149. Yay, I love a giveaway! Especially when it involves fabric lol

  150. I’d love to win this beautiful fabric. Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway – those fabrics are gorgeous! Love your blog!


  152. Count me in! Thanx a lot.

  153. Oh! Very nice giveaway! Thanks for the opportunit

  154. Beautiful fabric,Corrie. Please count me in your draw.

  155. Thanks so much, Corrie. Hope this finds you well.

  156. Thanks for chance! Cool candy! :))

  157. OMG! Another beautiful fabrics for giveaway! I want them badly :)
    Svetlana xx

  158. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win!

  159. Wow! Heaps of comments already! Count me in please Corrie. Have a super week xox

  160. Hooray for the giveaway!! Thanks so much!

  161. Fingers, Toes and Eyes crossed
    Good Luck Everyone & thankyou for the give away Retro Mummy ♥

  162. what lovely fabrics, please put me in the draw :o)

  163. Oh I love the fabric! Our family just had a new baby (oh no not me!) and I would love to make Ruby Rose a quilt from this to celebrate her birth!

  164. Count me in Corrie.

  165. Oh I would be over the moon to win this!! you are awesome :)

  166. Count me in, please!!!!! Thanks again for another generous give away!!

  167. What a beautiful collection, thanks so much!

  168. Thanks for the chance to win! Beautiful fabric. I really enjoy your blog.

  169. Wow! How cool is this giveaway?! I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  170. Beautiful, beautiful. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance.


  171. What a lovely giveaway…Thank you for the chance of winning some beautiful fabrics.
    Also…Your photo with the kiddies is priceless…cherish those moments as they grow up right before your eyes. I know…

  172. Do they also come with a side of motivation? Ha I cant seem to get myself in gear lately.

  173. Beautiful fabrics! For those of us struggling with the last of winter the fabrics say spring is on the way. You are truly generous. Happy quilting.

  174. I have a little girl starting kindy this year too and love reading your blog. Please include me in your competition. Many thanks!

  175. Beautiful fabrics, Corrie.

  176. So beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  177. Pick me, pick me, pick me! I LOVE this fabric and have been wanting some for awhile now but trying not to buy any more fabric right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Happy Stitching!

  178. Beautiful fabrics. Love your blog. Please enter me in your generous drawing. Thanks. Sheila

  179. I’m your follower, I don’t miss a single post;)
    LOVE yr blog and tks fr this amazig giveaway!

  180. Me encantan esas telas y muchas gracias por ser tan generosa,apuntame a tu sorteo.rosa con sus hilos y telas blogspot.com y mi correo es rosa-piera@hotmail.com.besos desde Valencia España

  181. Spring has sprung and these fabrics fit right in! Thank you for the chance.

  182. Wowza! Look at that fabric! I always love a giveaway (not that I have ever won anything), so sign me up. Can you believe I’ve never had one of these jelly rolls – looks better than hot cocoa on a winter morning! Thanks a bunch for your generous giveaway!

  183. I very much want these fabrics! thanks for the chance! your quilt – it’s magic

  184. Corrie, you’re so generous! I LOVE Hunky Dory!
    Thanks for the giveaway – I don’t know how you manage to blog as well as look after your precious littlies! You’re an inspiration. 😀

  185. What a generous giveaway. These fabrics are gorgeous!

  186. let it be, let it be….
    let it be, let it be me….
    there will be a winner,
    oh let it be me…

  187. Oh my!! Oh ME.. yes ME oh my!!

  188. I’d lurv some Hunky Dory said the David Bowie fan…. am I showing my age????


  189. You know how to pleasure people. What a great give-away again. I’m in for the draw. Please please pick me :-)

    Josien (from the Netherlands).

  190. Love the fabric! Thanks!!

  191. This is a great giveaway. Thanks Corrie.

  192. What a lovely and generous giveaway. Thank you,thank you so mutch : )

  193. Beautiful fabrics…thanks for the chance!

  194. OMG….this is an awesome give away……Love it….

  195. Love the fabrics and I love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  196. Beautiful! Thanks for taking the time, I know you have so much going on in your life.

  197. You amaze me! I don’t know how you do all that you do with 4 kids! And blog, too! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I love reading about your adventures! :)

    Lovely give away, too. I doubt I’d be able to let them go…
    Sandy A

  198. Hello! I would love to join your drawing. A greeting from Spain

  199. Wow I could make a lovely quilt from that. I didn’t even know muslin came in pink!!!

  200. Hope you are enjoying your iPhone, I love mine. Thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabric.

  201. Count me in too!!!

  202. Very nice fabrics. So bright and beautiful. Thank you Corrie

  203. What a lovely give away!

  204. This comment has been removed by the author.

  205. Ooooooh I can’t resist a fabric giveaway x

  206. oh what a great lot of fabrics! I believe that putting February behind you may be a good thing, and I’m wishing you will have a happy, healthy-family, relaxing March!

  207. Beautiful fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  208. This would be great with my newfound quilt addiction:)

  209. I love the colours in these fabrics!

  210. thank you for this chance. hugs

  211. oooh, how lovely fabrics. Count me in Corrie, and thank you so much for the opportunity.

  212. WHat a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win such goodies.

  213. Such a pretty line – lots of fun colors!

  214. Very nice giveaway. Thanks for the chance to perhaps win.

  215. What a fantastic giveaway. I have never seen colored muslin before, here we have only white and black. Your fabrics are so yummy. May I please be entered to win?

    Ann Flowers

  216. I would love to win these gorgeous fabrics!

  217. Really great fabrivs! And you are still in time! 😉
    Best wishes

  218. What a lovely giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    vail in tn

  219. Gorgeous fabrics and a great giveaway. Thanks for doing it and the best of luck to everyone (but I really have my fingers crossed for myself).

  220. What a fab giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance :)
    hugs, margie

  221. Terrific fabric and give away Corrie! Have been wanting to use Hunky Dory but still havent purchased this range! It looks great.

  222. Corrie, you are awesome thanks for the generous opportunity.-

  223. Beautiful fabric – would love to win. thanks

  224. hi Corrie, as in the previous giveaway I would like to participate, I can not resist such beauty. have a wonderful blog and I’ve been known among my friends Spanish. please, Sign me in your giveaway I think this time I’m feeling lucky.Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric.
    Greetings from Spain

  225. This comment has been removed by the author.

  226. Put me in for your giveaway and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I have 4 preteen girls on my gift list who would love something made from this beautiful bounty!

  227. Yes please Corrie…:)

  228. Great fabric! Thanks for the chance to win some.

  229. So manny people joining already this great give-away. I do also want to join even though the change is so little to win :)

  230. Gorgeous fabrics! OOH I hope I win!

  231. i have never ever left a post ever after all this time on the internet. Not sure if this will work but lets see. You have inspired me to learn how to do something new Thanks

  232. pick me, pick me!! What a gorgeous prize! Would make a lovely change to have girly fabric in the house – instead of fabric for my three boys! Thank you so much for the chance! :o)

  233. Lovely giveaway!!!
    Andi x

  234. WOW that fabric selection is awesome, so bright and cheerful :) count me in 😉


  235. Oh I looove hunky dory and I don’t have a scrap so I have everything crossed.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  236. Does this count people in the U.S.? If so count me in!!


  237. What a huge prize! Thank you Corrie.


  238. Happy,bright and funky-thanks for the chance to win.

  239. Count me in please! I’ll be onto you if you don’t do the draw on the exact day though LOL Susan:)

  240. Oooooo love, love, love you Retro Mummy!!!

  241. What a gorgeous giveaway, someone will certainly be lucky :) Thanks

  242. What a lovely picture of such pretty fabric.

  243. Ok, you twisted my arm, count me in for this one!

    Thanks Corrie!

  244. Please, put me in the draw. I would love to have all this fabric.
    You are very generous


  245. Would love to add some of your stash to my stash thanks for the opportunity

  246. Thanks Corrie, would love to win this divine fabric and begin my first ever quilt!

  247. Yes please, it looks like a lovely give away.

  248. It’s so great! Put me in draw , please
    I’ii be the happiest girl if i win such a beautiful giveaway!

  249. Please enter me in the draw.


    gaby (dot) wade (at) gmail (dot) com

  250. These look lovely!!

    What a generous giveaway…

  251. How wonderful Corrie, please count me in as I would love some of that gorgeous fabric!

  252. Thanks for the giveaway. I love those fabrics.

  253. I’d love to win. Thanks for the comp!
    Love, danni

  254. I’d love to win – and I admit that I have been wanting to do something like your hunky dory quilt so this would make it happen.
    Thanks for the comp.
    Love Danni

  255. I’m so hungry right now, I could just eat that fabric!

  256. ooh, i want it, i need it :)

  257. Ooh, In it to win it, eyes, toes and the rest crossed.

  258. This is just an excuse to get rid of more of your fabric isn’t it?? LOL Well I’m not complaining!!

  259. This is a lovely giveaway Corrie, thanks for the opportunity to go in the draw.

  260. Wow, what lovely fabrics! If I could win (and you ship to Germany) I would jump into the air!

  261. Thanks for the chance to enter Corrie. Love Love Love your blog but I don’t know how you fit so much into your day!!

  262. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway. Have a great day Corrie!

  263. Ooooo such pretty pretty fabrics… would love to add them to my stash!!

  264. Ooooh! I would love to win!! Thanks for the give-away.

  265. The fabrics are wonderful. I would like to participate in the lottery. Thanks. Greetings.

  266. Wow what a generous giveaway! I’d love to win!

  267. Ooo. My first ever giveaway entry. Exciting!

  268. Please put my in your competition.

  269. hi would love these fabrics will make a nice quilt to send to my friends daughter in nz

  270. Beautiful fabric! Pick me!

  271. You are a star Corrie, and I would love to go into the draw.

  272. Looove the Hunky Dory fabrics… So please add me… Recently bought myself a gift.. My iPhone… So i am following you with great interest in the app jungle… :0)

  273. WOW Corrie, such a beautiful selection…. I would love to make a quilt with it. Especially now that I have found my darning foot. So want to do some free motion quilting.
    Goodluck everyone :o)
    Amie Taylor

  274. Yes please for me. Have a great week..

  275. Wow, that’s gorgeous fabric!

  276. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to join!
    Thank You!

  277. Wow that would make an awesome quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  278. wow what a lovely stash for a lucky someone! thanks for sharing

  279. gorgeous fabrics :)

    thanks for another fab giveaway!!!

  280. Very good sweetie, thanks for the chance.
    Greetings from Ukraine.
    link on the side panels

  281. Firstly I think you are amazing all that you do with four kids and eveyrthing else on your plate. Second please pick me – I would love love love to win.

  282. What a Very Generous Giveaway…it would Certainly Make for a Gorgeous Quilt…
    Fingers Crossed.

  283. Ooh – I can’t resist a giveaway. I’m a long time reader, first time comment-er

  284. Such pretty fabrics……

  285. What a lovely range to win. Thanks for a chance.

  286. Hi Corrie, Sooo pretty. That little baby girl dress is the cutest and glad your B’Day was a treat. xxChrisb.

  287. nice choice of fabrics :)

  288. Woohoo got to love a giveaway…please drop my name in the barrel Corrie!!!

  289. Pick me, pick me! I would love the chance to win this wonderful prize.

  290. I cant believe there are over 280 entries already…
    Thanks for the draw Corrie, the range looks stunning. & of course I would love it in my stash. 😉
    Cheers Kath

  291. Yes please enter me in the draw :-)

  292. Love the colors in those fabrics! Christine

  293. I only have one bubba and work part time and I can’t imagine doing everything that you do! You’re an inspiration (or crazy 😉 )

  294. Gorgeous selection of fabric Corrie. I’d love to be in the dar, thanks. xx

  295. Pick me! Pick me! Well, I suppose I’ll have to make do with buying in your sale if I don’t win.

  296. Thanks for the giveaway, what gorgeous fabric!

  297. perhaps today is my lucky day! Love the fabrics.

    How’s your mom?

  298. What a beautiful giveaway that you are offering! Hope I am lucky 😛

  299. I don’t have any of this range.. this would be fantastic!

  300. Hunky dory! Looks great!!

  301. Love hunky dory! Thanks Corrie

  302. Nice, nice – super nice. Thanks for the chance. Count me in. Regards, Alison

  303. Lovely fabric… **DROOL***


  304. Thanks for the opportunity!!! would love to go into the draw. Have a fab week!!!!

  305. my first comment on a blog! looking forward to seeing how it all works! thanks

  306. Corrie thanks again for another opportunity to win some scrumdiddlyumptious fabric! Please put me in draw too!!! cheers, Leah

  307. Yes Please!! I am currently working on my first quilt and am already addicted and thinking of the next project :)

  308. Awesome fabric..thanks for sharing!

  309. Please put me in the draw. Thanks heaps.

  310. Please put me in the draw. Thanks heaps.

  311. Hi Corrie, thanks for the giveaway, put me in the draw please.

  312. Oh, one of my favourite ranges, love, love, love hunky dory. Love your blog. Thanks Corrie

  313. What a fantastic giveaway.Would love a chance to win.Joanne


  314. please please please, Corrie, just what i need thanks Deb

  315. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely fabrics!

  316. Oh how gorgeous!! Pick me!

  317. thanks for being so real on your blog corrie. it is a breath of fresh air. i would love to win this pack. stace.

  318. I love the Hunky Dory fabrics – such pretty colours!

  319. Crikey! Look at all of those comments!
    Please ad my name in too.

  320. Winning this fabric would help me alot.

    Thanks for the chance.

  321. Yay! I love fabric!

  322. What a great giveaway COrrie, thanks for the opportunity.

    Hope the quilts for queensland are coming along well.

  323. Wow what a generous giveaway.

    Thanks for the opportunity to go in the draw

  324. Beautiful fabric, please put me in the draw. I would use it for my first quilt.

    Thanks Claire

  325. Ooh so pretty! I would love this to attempt my first quilt. Fingers crossed!

  326. :o) I have been reading your blog for three years now and enjoy every minute of it. I thank you for all your ideas, recipes and sharing your home life with us. Anna x (fingers crossed too!!) :o)

  327. Ah, so generous as always. Thanks, Corrie! I’ll be in this giveaway!

  328. I would love to be entered into the draw,

  329. too easy! great fabrics, thanks for a chance.

  330. Hi Corrie, Thanks for the opportunity. Just wondering if you have received the quilt blocks I sent in for the queensland quilts. Regards Cherrie

  331. This is a HUUUUUUGE giveaway! Wow….I’m a little bit lost for words now.

    Tids xx

  332. fingers and toes crossed that i’m lucky – just perfect for my scrappy log cabins

  333. Thank you for the opportunity – beautiful blog btw!

  334. omg so generous! fabric is gorgeous, please count me in!

  335. Oooooh count me in, thank you!

  336. Oh..I would feel so Okey dokey to own some Hunky Dorey…. Please add my name to the draw…

  337. I am desperate to make my first quilt and would love to win some awesome fabric!! Please let it be me :)

  338. Thanks “SEW” much for the giveaway!

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    Love the fabric you have put together for this lovely giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win, Corrie!

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  364. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful giveaway. Going to bed dreaming of honeybuns and scrumptuous fabrics! Fingers crossed. Can’t hardly wait til Sunday…x

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    Please can I go into the draw for the fun fabrics.


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    du bist meine allerliebste Bloggerin!

    Schade, dass du am anderen Ende der Welt bist !

    Alles Liebe für dich!


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    Still haven’t dared to start quilting, but fortunatly I have 10 months left…

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    Louise :)

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  395. I would LOVE that fabric – I’ve been checking your store every day to see if it’s up for sale yet. fingers crossed :)
    thanks for the generous giveaway.
    justine dot holmes at gmail dot com

  396. great selection of fabric, another exciting opportunity, thank you

    Louise :)

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  408. Hunky Dorey Honey Bun……four words I use so often strangely enough! Hunky Dorey for when all is going swell and Honey Bun is a common name I use for my husband. Mostly used however when I’m sucking up to justify the amount of money I have spent on quilting fabric!! This give away will not only make me tremendously happy but will also make my honey bun think all is hunky dorey!!

  409. have been uuming and aaring about buying a hunky dory honey bun (checking your shop more than once!) – winning it would be even better!

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  411. I am so far down the line that his may be pointless, but I would love to win :)

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    ozknitter AT gmail DOT com

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    Have a good week x

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    The Netherlands

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    I’m just getting into quilting (I never understood before why one would take perfectly good flat fabric, cut it apart, and then sew it back into a flat piece of fabric! But I finally understand!)

  442. makes me want to do something nice :) I would like to go for it :)

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  444. Learning to quilt is something I’ve always wanted to learn. I have some books I’m reading write now to help start me up. This fabric would be the icing on the cake.

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    Cute Fabric!

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    Regards from Spain

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    Hey…you are busy. Take a break. We understand and we don’t mind. I am three days behind on my blogreading..but getting there. Life happens; you know?

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  461. Wow 460 comments!
    What a gorgeous collection!

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    Un saludo Celia

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    Thanks To propose !

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  476. me me me, please!!

  477. Hola me gustaria participar en este fabuloso sorteo, me escanta todo!!!
    Mi nombre es : Mati
    Mi e-mail:
    Mi blog: momentosparacrear.blogspot.com/
    Un saludo

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    Would love to join in!

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    Sylvia F :)

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    May thanks for this chance

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    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Blessings, Tricia

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  496. Beautiful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  497. What a very generous lady you are, Corrie. Yes please I would love to enter your draw. I am as confident as you are at dealing with vehicle incidents! Definitely men’s jobs!
    Thankyou, Sandy

  498. Wow – almost 500 entries – you are a popular miss:)

    Yes Please, Please enter me:)

  499. I would love to be in the draw – have just started quilting, and OMG what a new addiction it is!

  500. I just made my daughter a quilt using hunky dory – love it. This is the first time I’ve ever entered a giveaway! :)

  501. Hi. This is gorgeous. I have people living with me from the earthquake in christchurch. The house is full but this would give us somehing exciting to do in the evenings. Thanks Karen

  502. Beautiful fabric and I can so see some lovely items made from it:)

  503. Can oversees take part too?
    If yes, then I love to.

    Michelle from Poland

  504. Hi Corrie, You have a divers group of readers/followers from all over and over 500 comments, wow. I used to be a 14hrs drive from Sydney and am a wee bit further away now :) I enjoy your blog and your creative ideas. Continue with that. Btw happy b´day and may God bless you richly in the coming year. I love the fabric, beautiful. Greetings from Mozambique, Willemijn

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  509. I would absolutely love to win this gorgeous fabric to make quilts for my two daughters. I love your giveaways and my fingers are crossed very tightly.

  510. Hello,

    Thank you for the chance to add to my stash. Happy days.

  511. This comment has been removed by the author.

  512. This comment has been removed by the author.

  513. I would love to win this fabric’s.

  514. Love your blog and how georgous is your daughter!

  515. You are really getting lots of fabric out this way! I don’t mind if some comes my way!

  516. I hope to get lucky and bring these beautiful fabrics in my home …

  517. please put me in, thanks connie

  518. I would love to win that lovely fabric! j-j-s AT juno.com

  519. Lovely, just lovely! Thanks for the giveaway.

  520. Love the Hunky Dory collection. The colours are fresh and the designs quite modern. I just came across a twister quilt done with these fabrics and it looks terrific.

  521. Ooh! How gorgeous.

  522. Oooh yes pretty please with cherries on top!!

  523. your always incredibly genorous with your giveaways. I do hope it is my turn to win.

  524. Thanks for the chance Corrie :-)

  525. oo I don’t think I entered. I’d better, I’d love some more HD.

  526. me oh me! how wonderful

  527. Ok, ok, I’ll enter… but only cause I never win and my entry might be the buffer that makes the next person win… I really don’t want to win…. (joke) :p

  528. Oh I can see a baby quilt (for a first time mum friend), maybe a cushion for my bubbas room and a few hair clips for Kindy! Thanks for the chance and congrats on your new car!!

  529. Generous as always Corrie. Thanks so much!!!
    Mel xx

  530. Oh Corrie, these fabrics are beautiful. They would be a great start to my stash after being sick.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a deliciously generous prize.
    Have a lovely week :-)

  531. Yipeeee!

  532. oooh yes please! Thanks for another gorgeous giveaway – I hope you are managing to sneak in 3 seconds for yourself at the moment!

  533. this is agreat giveaway. The projects I could make with this is endless. So please pick me. :-)

  534. oooooh!! pick me! I almost forgot to enter.

  535. OOps…am I too late..Just found your blog – Love it!! I’m going back now to read mooore..

  536. i don’t think I entered! lucky for FB reminders ♥

  537. Hi Corrie! Thanks again for your giveaways. I hope I am in by a whisker too. Gorgeous fabrics! xxx Fiona

  538. Just doing my bit to inch you toward 550 comments :)

  539. Would just loooooooove to get my hands on this beautiful collection please Corrie! Thanks

  540. Please put me in the draw. I’d love to win!

  541. Hopefully not closed yet~!

  542. Ohhh, ooooh pick me!! I would love this material to help my daughters learn how to quilt! They are 10 & 11 years old & learning to sew!

  543. If it is not too late. Love your blog.

  544. Hey, hope I’m not too late to be in the lovely draw! I forgot to leave a comment in February!!

  545. Me gustan mucho estas telas y ojala tenga suerte en tu sorteo !!!


    Mi blog : http://carme-pasoapaso.blogspot.com/

    muchas gracias !!!!

  546. ohhhh!!! awesome giveaway :-)

  547. Gorgeous fabric!! What a generous give away!

  548. Вот это конфета!!!!!
    Если можно я присоединюсь!?

  549. The fabric are beautiful!!!
    Hope I get in time for the contest!
    Thanks for this present

  550. Waoo, I want to participe, fabrics are wonderful


  551. Конфетка – супер! Если можно я тоже запишусь.

    Sweetie – super! If it is possible i have the same sign. http://marishka-marishechka.blogspot.com/2011/03/blog-post_7692.html

  552. I love these fabrics, they’re gorgeous!!!! thanks for the opportunity!!!!
    Best regards

  553. Thank you Corrie,for the chance to win! Please put me in the draw too!!!

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