full body shot

Yesterday, I was asked to send in a full body shot of myself for an exciting project (ohhhh let the suspense build because I’m not telling you why) and quickly managed to get this shot this morning before I duck off to do the school run. I love to just pop on a dress in the morning as they are a no brainer and this is a cute one.

full body shot
This is a little chambray dress from ollie&max (because I know you’ll ask), you can accessorise these little babies and dress them up or down but I keep it pretty simple (as you can obviously see) and just throw on my silver birkenstocks, a pair of earrings and head out the door – probably with wet hair this morning! I also have the black one which gets a good workout.


  1. Well I think you look great! In fact you’ve just inspired me to buy some items from Ollie & Max! I couldn’t resist. Have a great day.

  2. Its gets even more mysterious Corrie.

  3. ooohhhh you have me intrigued – I acutally thought you might have made that dress! I love the simple style of it – so easy but very chic! I just made myself a long skirt (with the idea of it being great for Kinder drop off too!)

  4. Hey, good looking! You had me intrigued the other day when you mentioned them on FB – I love the clean, simple lines. Thanks for sharing, Corrie. J x

  5. If I tossed on a darling dress like that, along with cute sparkly birkenstocks, and then dashed out the door, I’d freeze my little tushie off! Lucky girl, you get to dress like that because you live in paradise… err, Aus. No one can dress like that in the US Midwest… except for about two months.

  6. I love a shirt dress too. In fact, I could have a whole wardrobe of them if I could. Out at Westfield last week & resisted going into JAG & Colorado. Both were displaying cute shirt dresses in their windows. SABA also had a ‘kind of’ shirt dress too … basically anything that buttons up the front will do me. Will have to check out the designer.

  7. Perfect. I have to say you are looking pretty swell for a couple of months post baby.

  8. Great Shot…do Tell!!

  9. Very Chick!

  10. Your are such a put together Mum of four!

  11. Corry you look great! And you are mom of 4 kids!!! Wonderfull

  12. You are looking great Corrie and I think those painted toenails just finish off the whole outfit :) You’ve inspired me to paint mine now!!

  13. Such a cute dress.
    And the super secret project?

  14. Very cute dress! I’m with Linda though, I can’t even imagine sandals and bare legs right now. Spring is slowly coming I’m sure.

    Can’t wait to hear about this secret.

  15. You made me smile. I looked down at my feet, and we are wearing exactly the same Birkenstocks…

  16. Am loving chambray at the moment – looks so cute on you….

  17. Thanks for the link. Ollie and Max have lovely stuff.
    Oops may have to hide the Visa statement ….

  18. I’ve recently discovered your blog via Maxabella Loves. Thanks so much for sharing the info on this dress…I’m in love with it (if that’s possible!) – so simple, so easy, so chic and so many alternatives…I’m ordering one as we speak!! And thanks for sharing BIG LOVE … now I’m addicted to it too ; )
    Loving your blog…I’m off for a bit of a wander through with a cuppa.
    Alison xx

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