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Ok, so my facebook buddies know that I started the new year with a walk/jog for 40 minutes. As in I walked 30 minutes and ran 10 minutes. And I walked in the door totally red faced and puffed out and had to sit in the bathroom feeling very sick. Thankfully, retro daddy came to my aid with a tall glass of ice cold water. He’s the runner in the family these days and was offering some explanations of why this was happening to me. I’ll just go with the ‘I haven’t exercised in 3 years, had a baby last October and maybe should have just walked’. And let’s not talk about the absolute agony I was feeling in my shins and thighs the next day (and the day after)!

new year = exercise
pretty in pink trainers
And so while I love having babies I am not one of those women who pop back to shape. Far from it, I overindulge throughout my pregnancies ( I never learn) and now have 10 kilos to shift to get back to my pre-Elodie weight. Thankfully, I don’t have problems maintaining my weight once the baby weight is off. I am always busy and running around, watch what I eat and it’s not an issue. Sadly for me that isn’t enough to lose weight. Bummer.

Corrie in Strasbourg

pre-children in 2003 – oh that flat tummy! Keep dreaming!
So I’m very focused on shifting this weight through walking and running. Once upon a time (and I’ll share that weight loss journey with you one day soon), I was into my running, going to the gym, had personal trainers and was teeny tiny. So I figure that running is free, I can duck out at any time retro daddy is home to mind the kids, no time spent driving to the gym and back, no contracts to sign, no creche fees to pay (x3 or 4 for me)  plus there is some lovely scenery around me. Run one way and I hit the harbour, another way and I hit the beach and the other way and I hit the bush – plus there are the hills…….oh the hills, plenty of those. I also found a beginners running course nearby over 6 weeks, which hopefully will help me get started.  


found via here – this guy is awesome! Not often I use that word but he is! If you feel too big to run just watch him!
So I thought if I told you all then I can keep myself honest and in a few weeks you can say, heh, retro mummy how is your running going and hopefully I’ll tell you how much I love it and how well I’m doing. And if you run or want to run let me know, tell me your secret, how you’re going to do it, why you’re going to do it! 
And if you’re not up for running, if it’s not your style…….how about some face exercises. Found via here………… you might even exercise just laughing at it. Retro daddy didn’t get it but I was in hysterics

I can’t stop laughing everytime I watch Greer and her exercises.


  1. Well done for getting back out there! I did a 5km run a week before I found out I was pregnant with my second, I’m determined to get back to that and perhaps do further (small goals…) Best of luck, I’ll be reading with interest and no doubt sharing your running induced pain 😀 x

  2. I’ll be joining you Corrie on a weight busting getting fit regime!! I’ve still not lost the last of my baby weight and my youngest is 6! Hehe!

  3. Im determined to get back into my walking, not a runner am I, and I KNOW the dog is keen so thats encouraging. I did join the gym last year hmmmm and did have to unjoin and pay the consequences(cancellation fee) so Im with you on the no gym , get outside , smell the fresh air, check out the neighbourhood, see the trees and birds and sky. Yep ask me tomorrow hopefully I have walked the dog. Good on you Corrie im sure the aches get less and less with more run walk run. x

  4. Corrie, I have just discovered your blog and love it! I started running this year as well, must move some weight before I have baby no. 3!! Good luck with the aches and pains.

  5. I have the same sneakers! But mine will not be doing any running – I’m just not built for it and I end up with v. sore hips for days afterwards – the impact just feels WRONG. But I wish I could. I have plans to walk more next year. I did join the gym (again) last year and it was the same old pattern – loved it for a little while, felt fitter and stronger, but no weight loss so I lost heart and stopped going after about 6 weeks. For me exercise is great for my energy, mood, sleep and health, but sadly it just doesn’t get my weight off.

  6. Good on you for getting out and getting going. I enjoy running but unfortunately I don’t have the lovely Sydney weather to run in. I can’t run in sub zero temperatures. Some people do, just not me. Only good thing is that it’s as flat as a tack here in Montreal which is great for running and biking. I did join a gym which has a creche and have to pay fees ($5/hr) for my twins but to be honest it has been my sanity check. Just to get out three mornings to a spin class or on the machines and take an hour to myself. To shower in peace! I finally shifted the final bit of twin weight last year after two and a half years. It was hard work. Best of luck.

  7. Wow, I love the face stretching exercises – made me laugh a lot. That has to be good for you anyway.

    Good luck with the exercises.

  8. I stumbled upon your lovely blog – completely grabbed by the title. Good luck on the running – nothing like a great run 😉

  9. Joe uses a great running app on the i-phone. Run-walk-run-walk, it builds up each session and plays your own music library in between changes. I’ve toyed with the idea of trying it but I’ve never been a good runner. I need to dust off the exercise bike. Less mozzies and flys to contents with inside.

  10. Happy trails!

  11. I really want to get into running too this year – some great inspirations and links – thanks!

  12. Good luck Corrie! I was one of the lucky one’s and lost weight while I was pregnant ! But found some of it after :-)
    Happy stitching, P

  13. oh i can’t wait to start running again once i have the baby! i am already enormous… i’m short and stack on the weight during pregnancy… i am normally a runner (i just love it) and i hate not being able to run… i ran the first couple of months of this pregnancy… but my boobs and belly got too big too fast!! i wish i was one of those women who didn’t put on much weight… but i expect to put on 20-30kg again this time :(

  14. Go for it, Corrie! You have such determination and drive for everything you do, I’m sure it wiil work for you. I admire anyone who enjoys running. I absolutely loathe it – walking is my preference. Enjoy your ‘me time’! J x

  15. Hooray for you Corrie. I have never been slim, sometimes been fit, but never run. I do quite like the idea and love that people who do it seem to end up really loving it. I hope you do…and maybe I will to. But I will be a walk for a minute, run for 20 seconds starter!!
    Where are you in your ‘skinny photo’- it looks unreal.

  16. OK Dude, I think you know of my recent addiction to running and losing weight.
    I’m about 6 kilos down (I KNOW – after TWO years of bemoaning how I could not lose weight) and can now run for TWENTY EIGHT minutes – or almost 5kms.

    Try C25K – it builds you up over 9 weeks. You can get an iphone app to train to and put your own music on it – and slowly but surely your fitness and running ability grows.

    Doesn’t mean you don’t have times when you think you might heave into the gutter.

    I know. I’m all class.

  17. I used to hate running and then one day I tried the Fartlek method – sounds a bit rude, I know. But I basically headed out with the timer set on my watch, and I’d walk, say, five minutes, then run for one, then walk another five, run for one etc etc for half an hour. Each day I would gradually increase the running part and decrease the walking, and within a few weeks I was comfortably running for half an hour nonstop. It was like a miracle! That said, I stopped soon after and haven’t run since…

    BTW, I don’t know of many other Greers out there in the world and I’m not sure I’m happy or sad to have discovered Greer Childers. Hilarious!

  18. Wow, good luck with the running! I cannot imagine running anyway, even if I was being chased! I have tried trampolining, but find too many bits wobble. So I have just bought an exercise bike, I will be trying to peddle myself thin again throughout the next few months. Baby weight sucks, I would dearly love to have my pre-pregnancy body back, but hey ho! Love the face exercises, fantastic!

  19. Good luck I wish I had the up and go never got my weight back ever and now turning 50 next month, oh I wish….
    My DD just turned 30 and had her second Baby Feb. last year and started running with both children in her wonderful stroller and now has her wedding weight back, she looks fantastic.
    You will do it….


  20. Go Corrie – you can do it!

    Well done for getting started. I so prefer walking but am trying to get back into running again to shift the weight a little faster.

    I have found it so much harder to move the weight after each child so I am in serious trouble once again!

    Naomi x

  21. Good on you for running – I tried, but even though I am quite small, I still feel like all my bits are wobbling and my insides are going to fall out. After two kids the bladder control is not what is once was and I have nightmares of leakages along the way. Dont get me started on what I think other road users must be thinking of an un-coordinated idiot running down the road.

  22. Hi Corrie, I have only recently started following your blog and I think you are amazing! Your children are beautiful and I love the way you write about your life. I am an aspiring market stall runner so really enjoy those posts too. Good luck getting back into the running!

  23. I really love how running leaves me. It my quiet time with my thoughts, it opens my lungs and reminds me I can do things I thought I never could. With the cold temps and snow I have been off the running wagon for weeks, but will do my best to run when the weather allows. I look forward to having a running ‘partner’ and will certainly be routing you on — go Corrie go!!

  24. I’m there for you Corrie! But remember mini goals is the way to go – 40 minutes could possibly be called a tad ‘ambitious’ for a first time back out there!!!

  25. I’m so with you on not being able to budge pregnancy weight and although I have learnt to be comfortable in my own body, I so need to get fit just to keep with the five of them.

    Good luck Corrie!!
    T xx

  26. Well done on getting out! You should check out It’a fabulous resource for keeping motivated by logging each precious km!

  27. Good on you Corrie. I just completed a 10-day Zumba challenge and blogged it so that I would be more accountable and therefore more motivated to do it. Tell us how long it takes you to get to that ‘addicted’ point that I hear many joggers refer to. I think a good place to start is a nice pair of sneakers (yours are cool)- shoe shopping (oh how easy is it to bring it all back to shoes). xx 😀

  28. I need to go sneaker shopping…. Sounds good!!

  29. You are very brave posting this to the WWW! I am very keen to lose 5 kg I am still carrying from Eva (you know she is 4!!). Living in Elanora Heights though, boy do we have LOTS of hills!! I need some sneakers though, I don’t expect my Cons will cut it!

  30. Thanks for the inspiration Corrie. That dude is definitely awesome. Whilst Ive loved our move to the country, my body hasn’t (stacking on a scary 12kg). I’m claiming it back in 2011 also, but probably not gutsy enough to blog about it. Will keep in touch.

  31. Well done! I just bought running shoes a few weeks ago, but it started snowing the same day and it has almost disappeared now! So I will be running soon I hope!

  32. Your doing better than me Corrie…i dont even own a pair of joggers !!! For what its worth, whilst im a small frame (55kgs) i found it took me a lot longer (12mths) to get back to pre pregnancy weight after #4 (hes 18mths now). So dont be too hard on yourself, Elodie is only 3 months….whilst i found breastfeeding and chasing the other 3 did help, it defn took longer to shift the baby weight..good luck…the scenary sounds awesome…

  33. Hi Corrie, you are inspiring me! I have tried the C25K programme (have the iphone app which is great). But it is just sticking with it! I have found a running group with a Learn to Run programme a bit closer to home for me than the one you mention. So am going to check it out – I definitely need the motivation of a group – not so good by myself!
    Thanks for the great blog, love reading it.

  34. Oh no. That video is too funny. She’s all dressed up in her snazzy aerobics gear just to make lion faces. That’s a keeper.

    On another note, I’ll tell you what is also great for weight loss – staying up until the wee small hours crafting. Works for me.

    Enjoy your running. Nothing better than finding that zone and just going and going.

  35. you go girl!! enjoy the fresh air and small part of the day to yourself!! xx

  36. I’m using the Couch to 5K iphone app – works you up over 9 weeks, with the app yelling at you to WALK NOW, RUN NOW. Starts off with run 30 seconds, walk 90, etc, until over the weeks you build up. Should help avoid the shinsplints!

  37. Just found your blog. I started running this time last year and found that having a goal was the key to keeping going. I decided to run in the Mother’s Day Classic 4km event and I used the C25K iPhone app to get me going. Now I’ve completed 3 run events and have more this year.
    I have started a Mother’s Day Classic group on AMB if you’re interested, to keep everyone motivated.
    I’ll keep checking in to see how you are going!

  38. Ok, now you’re in big trouble. I just lost 20 minutes reading Ben’s blog — that video was wonderful. Have you tried the couch to 5k program? I really like it. It’s a little too nippy to run here now so I just go to the Y and do the elliptical. I can’t wait until spring when I can try running again. As an old lady, I won’t be running as far as Ben, but any little bit is ok by me. Good Luck with your running Corrie!

  39. wow- that guy is awesome!!

    and that lady- hilarious! I love how she does that weird breathing thing before she pulls the face. I wonder what she looks like now

  40. Wow, that guy is inspiring. I’m a PT, try downloading couch to 5K. You’ll be running 5kms in 9wks max. If you already have a fitness level, or do it more than three times per week, you can get to 5kms in four weeks. Good luck!!

  41. For a while I have enough of jogging. But I have to do something to get in shape I think. Goïng to the gym takes a lot of time, and jogging you can do when you want, or not want!!! So I started again in 2011. I take the dog with me and we do have a great jogging, outdoor time together.
    I will be reading with interest your running story.
    greetings Marja.

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