new shoes

Tomorrow is Elodie’s big day…, don’t worry it’s not her wedding, it’s her baptism! So we are running around (ok I’m not running around, I’m delegating) getting ready for tomorrow. And one of the jobs today is to get Finnie some new sandals to wear as he’s been living in his crocs.  Me? I’ve got my footwear sorted……..
my new shoes!
They are so perfect, don’t you think? I think they are the prettiest shoe I’ve ever had and I’ve had plenty of shoes in my time. I bought mine here (because I know some of you want some…….)


  1. super cute shoes :) great choice!

  2. Very nice :) I can’t believe she’s being baptised already! We still haven’t got around to getting Luca done and he’s 10 months old! Ooops. We’ll get him done when my mum is over in February I think…got to have SOME representation from my family! Hope it goes well :)

  3. Oh I love your sandals!! I am off to Melbourne in a couple of weeks so am very pleased to see they have stores in Victoria!! They have some fabulous shoes and I have a weakness for footwear!!

  4. Pretty! Have a great day tomorrow!

  5. Fabulous, you wear them & i’ll wear our silver Birkenstocks, so we’re both metallic & strappy!!
    Love for tomorrow, kisses, Posie

  6. Great shoes and nice pedicure too Corrie! 😀 You’re such a stylish mummy!

  7. gorgeous shoes!!

  8. Gorgeous shoes,hope you all have a lovely day!

  9. Have a fabulous celebration tomorrow, the shoes are very cute.

  10. Corrie – how do you mangage to have nailpolish on your toes, and gorgeous red at that! Love the shoes.
    ygionWishing Elodie a joyful Baptism.

  11. I wish you a very happy day tomorrow, I remember how special it was with my kids. Enjoy!
    Love the shoes, but I am afraid it is too cold here at the moment… My toes would freeze off my feet 😉

  12. Beautiful shoes Corrie! Wishing you & your family a lovely baptism day!!!

  13. Corrie, divine. I am going to snap up a pair (maybe have to hide them for a bit………). I was at school with the Sambag lady!!! She was very creative way back then. Have a lovely day with your family.

  14. There’s something about a flower, a ruffle a little garnish on a shoe… irresistabubble!!! x

  15. Gorgeous shoes and toes too! I love it when I have a pedicure – makes those tired feet somehow keep going a little longer on those busy days!!

    Hope you are having a lovely day to celebrate Elodie’s baptism with your family and friends.

    Best wishes, Christine xo

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