new in the store and naptime

Righto, I’m trying to get organised this afternoon but with a baby on my shoulder, I’m not getting too far! I’m adding all the new fabrics to the store that have been sitting around including this very popular one….it sold out in 48 hours last time!

new russian dolls

New magazines including Cotton Time, the Christmas edition and new books including some gorgeous baby sewing books. And then I’m going to try to catch up on orders by putting little miss in the ergo so I can get a few things done while enjoying some choc mint slices and peppermint teas. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many of those biscuits I’ve eaten today…..I need my energy for the round the clock feeding!
But before I do that here is a little pic of miss elodie today….she is sooooo not an afternoon napper let me tell you! And she will last about 5 minutes in her bassinette before she ‘tells’ me it’s time for a cuddle or feed again.

she's pointing at me

and will you look at that finger and one eye open….I’m sure she’s saying don’t you leave me in this bed for a nap. I’m on to you and I’m gonna cry as soon as you walk away! And sure enough as I was uploading the photos she was getting my attention and out on my shoulder again.


  1. Oh hedgehogs, too cute!! I can’t see the image of Elodie, i’ll try to download it again later. Love Posie

  2. She’s definitely saying “I’m looking at you”. What a cutie.

    I still can’t believe you are managing to get so much store stuff done with a newborn and a family, Corrie. I am just in awe. Don’t you ever wanna take a nap yourself?!?! x

  3. Just ordered some gorgeous fabric. Thank you!

  4. Wow…perhaps you need to hold my order while I pop back over to the shop for a 2nd look? Oh Elodie is looking like she isn’t missing a trick already!

  5. They certainly are very well equipped to make sure all their needs are met! Oh how I miss having a baby!

  6. Esther was like that when she was little. Only sleeping on my lap or in a sling on my tummy… until I discovered she was a tummy sleeper herself. Against all advice I did put her on her tummy (she had a very strong neck) and then… unbelievable… she slept. It has been 13 years, but I remember the freedom it gave me!

  7. Do you have a baby sling? Sounds like Elodie would be the prefect candidate for baby-wearing!

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