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I was doing so well with the daily blog posts but yesterday things were a bit crazy as I took a last minute specialist appointment for Elodie and it threw my day out combined with the fact that it was retro daddy’s first few days interstate with his new job. Why oh why we didn’t prepare keira for this I don’t know because we had tears and tears about where he was and why she wasn’t with him and so on. And all I wanted yesterday was a nice hot shower but I got that this morning……..a good 36 hours since my last one. 

new fabric
But let’s talk fabric not personal hygiene! I can’t keep up with the fabric deliveries of late and earlier this week checked my phone to find 3 messages from one of my suppliers. See, so noisy at this house that I missed phone calls over 2 days. Oops. The good news is that my order of Sweet Broderie by Rosalie Quinlan is winging it’s way to my house and the latest Flower Sugar range is due to arrive at the end of the month. And then there are these fabrics to go in the store …..
 christmas fq pack
 and these ones too!
flower sugar fq pack
flowe sugar top up
And I’m seriously running out of room so have added and will keep adding fabrics to the Clearance section of the store so keep checking and be quick. I’ve reduced some fabrics by $4 to $6 a metre! Go crazy!
store fabrics
and you thought you had a fabric problem!


  1. I want those fabrics – I wouldnt be able to sell them – I would just keep stroking them :)


  2. I wish I had that fabric problem. We’d have the funkiest curtains :)

  3. I wish those bolts of fabric were sitting in my sewing room…….

  4. you are doing a great job balancing it all Corrie – remember to take care of yourself too! so love those fabrics :)

  5. Oh yes, there are a few schools of thought on how to prepare your children for daddy going away, long or short trips. I have just always told them in a way relevant to their age . . . trying to tell 9 month old twins daddy is going overseas for 7 months, doesn’t compute. They watch him pack (i can’t, too sad) & they pick up his equipment & ask him about war. When he just goes interstate for a week or so, they are always shocked but extra excited when he’s back so soon. She’ll get used to the routine. I remember at that age some of the children would sleep with a Tshirt of daddy’s, try that one??!! He’ll be back before you know it, want to swap husbands?? Love Posie

  6. Im ready with my credit card hee hee

  7. Oh my goodness Corrie…but I would love to have all of my fabrics on bolts! How lovely and neat, and ever so easy to see what tickles your fancy 😉 How on earth do you bring yourself to sell it??

  8. You’re doing amazingly well! I couldn’t even manage half of what you’re doing when I only had a 21month old & a newborn at home.
    Can I just ask what that fabric is in the first photo. I can’t seem to find it in your store.

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