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One of the most exciting things I’ve done this year (apart from having Elodie of course) was to organise and host the Don’t Look Now workshop in July. And it was so much fun I immediately told Kellie I wanted to do it again….or maybe I committed to doing it again before we actually had the weekend. I can’t remember now but it was something crazy like that.
i'm in homespun
I hadn’t met a lot of the students in real life but everyone was so enthuisiastic and hard working all weekend and friendships were quickly made. And one of those lovely students was the editor of Homespun magazine, Catherine Sanchez. We were sitting near each other over the weekend and she kept us entertained with her little comments the whole weekend.
pregnant me
I look huge. Remember I was pregnant, people!
And it’s now so lovely to see a wrap up of the weekend in the latest Homespun issue for November. Mind you I wish I could put a photo of myself looking less pregnant or tired, or maybe it’s because I’m standing next to someone as pretty as Kellie. But anyway, thank you Catherine for the great article, thank you again Kellie for agreeing to come and do a workshop for me (because I had no experience in that department and was learning as I was went along) and of course to all the gorgeous students who came and made it the weekend that it was. It must have been great because I’m doing it all over again next year (more details to come once I’ve started planning it).
the article
You’ll find the article in the latest Homespun issue which is the Special Collectors Edition 10th Birthday Celebration Issue and there are some gorgeous patterns in there too. My favourite is the sweet cushion by Lisa of A Spoonful of Sugar.


  1. how wonderful! wow, how do you do it all with 4 kids?

  2. Wow, 100 issues! I have the Vol. 1 No. 1 from it first came out! Lovely magazine. I really should look for it more in the shops!

  3. From “when” it first came out. I will be looking for the 100th issue!

  4. Yay Corrie! Can’t wait to get my copy.

  5. wow, congrats! I’m new to this field you are in but I’m definitely getting interested. thanks for sharing!

  6. I think you look great Corrie and I am sure if you look a little tired it is because you do SO MUCH!!! Kellie is just a wonderful person isnt she. I will have to look out for that issue at the newsagency.

  7. Congrats, looking out for the mag now…

  8. cool. Will have to buy this one.I was subscribed to it but didn’t renew after my first year. Maybe I will subscribe again.

  9. Love the article Corrie! I would be very tempted to come to your next workshop.

  10. You look gorgeous, just a tad boobier than normal, but hey, when you’re pregnant, some of us just can’t hide it!! Love Posie

  11. Well done Corrie! Aww you look great! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  12. Hi Corrie, congratulations on baby Elodie. I came along to this workshop and had a great time, you did a wonderful job of organising everything and I especially loved the fabric treat in our goody bags, and the lollies on the table, and the company…a great weekend

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