friendship + fabric

Sometimes I tell retro daddy I am so blessed to have such lovely friends around me. Whether they’re from church playgroup, old friends, new friends, ballet mum friends, blogging friends, crafty friends – I’ve been truly blessed with some wonderful people in my life……..and some of you I’ve never met but consider you my friends. Yesterday, one of my sweetest friends, Francine, came over to cut fabric………..for 3 hours!
my helper cutting fabric
Francine was my old neighbour and we’re kindred spirits. We love to bake, sew, cook and be mummies. The day we moved out of our old house she came over with hot soup she’d made and buttered toast all wrapped up. She’s just that kind of person. We go to each others parties and have shared the ups and downs of having our babies.
one day of cutting
So yesterday she came over and cut and folded and cut and folded some more and filled a box with fat quarters for Mathilda’s. What a lovely thing that was to do for me! I paid her in fabric and everyone was happy.


  1. OH what a gorgeous post, beautiful friend & lovely view on those precious relationships we hold so dear. Love you Corrie, love Posie

  2. It is so nice to have such special friends and I consider you one of mine too even though we have never met in real life! I do hope your getting some rest too after having Elodie.

  3. gosh i love REAL friends!!!

    Cherish that one Corrie!


  4. This is a friend. I also have good neighbourd that have become good, really good friends. Are getting better?

  5. You know only good freinds have good freinds,so you must be a good freindly freind person! And about a fifth baby I never have regretted having five when you’ve got four,five is easy……. just my experience. One after the other is the way to go, no need to make definate plans now :)

  6. The best thing you can do is know she is truly appreciated and now she surely does!

  7. Good friends are like family that we choose to have in our lives. I couldn’t live without them. Now where’s our daily photo of Elodie? hehe

  8. What a lovely friend – agree, nice people have nece friends:)

    Have a great weekend.

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