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Well tomorrow we leave the hospital and I’m definitely looking forward to being home and getting on with  life as a bigger family. Retro daddy has done an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job keeping things running at home and bringing everyone in to see us each day. We’ve been enjoying warm baths and opening our eyes…….

opening our eyes

and being idolised by big sister Keira who is totally smitten and has wanted to spend every night in the hospital with us
keira keeps a close eye on things

and of course we’re feeding…..oh boy the feeding. I forgot how much time you spend parked on your behind feeding! But I’m so happy miss elodie is so good at it. Even if I only get one hours sleep because all she wants to do is feed and cuddle…..it sure beats feeding two babies at once who don’t want to feed.

those lips

And I just love staring……….getting to know all of her little features like the way her little bottom lip curls in and looks oh so adorable. And so tomorrow real life starts…………..and we can get out of the hospital gown and into some cute clothes.


  1. She is so gorgeous Corrie.
    Enjoy every minute with that little newborn baby. Oh how I miss those snuggles and noises. Enjoy being home with the rest of the crew. Number 4 for us was a breeze…they just slot right in and just follow with what everyone is doing…they dont really have much of a say! 😀
    Much love

  2. Oh man she is so adorable, all squishy & newborn & luverly… 😉

  3. She looks so much like keira !!!

  4. She’s changed already! Look at those chubby cheeks. So cute.

  5. congratulations on the new arrival, she is absolutely delish!

  6. Nearly makes me clucky, nearly! Totally gorgeous. Congrats to you all, it is so much more real when you get home.

  7. Oh beautiful bubba!!

    I haven’t been on your site for a week or so and look what’s happened! Congratulations, Corrie, she is so gorgeous. x

  8. what a beauty I love the days in th ehospital where all you do is stare in wonder at them

  9. How gorgeous! Enjoy being back at home.

  10. Thanks again for sharing, Corrie. These first days are so precious as you all get to know each other. The photo with Keira is divine. I treasure the photos we have of the pixies first meeting. Sending you a Hobart ♥ J x

  11. Look at all of her hair! How many times can I say cute?? Everyday! Haha. Cute cute cute :-)

  12. I think her bottom lip is gorgeous too. Such a beautiful baby. I can smell new baby right now.

  13. Congratulations – she is beautiful. Enjoy your new big family you are in for some fun times. Caroline K

  14. Absolutely divine! Congrats x

  15. Absolutely divine! Congrats x

  16. She’s going to be another beauty. Finn will be one popular lad when he’s a teenager. All his friends will be begging for invites to his house.

  17. She is beautiful. Congrats again. Can’t wait to see pics of her at home with the rest of the crew!

  18. She’s so big Corrie, what a beautiful face, i think she’s a Retro Daddy look alike for sure.
    I loved bringing home number 4, it was just so right & yes, lots of big sisters, he was very comfortable with all the movement, like he’d be listenign to it for the past 9 months, i think he knew he was at the right house!! He was so easy, go with the flow. Yippee, 4 under 5 rocks!! Well, now i’m staring down the teenage years, 4 between 13 & 17is going to be nuts!!
    Can’t wait to cuddle her, love Posie

  19. She is such a cutie! And I know what you mean about the feeding – I had totally forgotten just how long it takes to feed a newborn! But it is such a good excuse to cuddle and stare at them.

    Hope you have a lovely first day settling in at home.

  20. She is too cute for words!

  21. Just divine, and what a great crop of hair – good luck tomorrow and hope all continues to go well. I’d love to be home cuddling a baby.

  22. She is adorable.

  23. oh, its all so perfect corrie!
    you know things are going well at home if the kids turn up to the hospital dressed in decent clothes with their hair done 😉
    good luck tomorrow!

  24. Your such a lucky mum having 4 gorgeous children. I am sure Miss Keira will be a very big help to her little sister too, I love how she is watching her have a bath! Enjoy the new baby smell, and the little tiny fingers and toes and all the other wonderful things that go along with a new baby!

  25. Oh my goodness she really is so gorgeous. That beautiful newborn squishiness! That bottom lip is divine. It goes so quickly…my “newborn” is now 9 months old!

  26. you have your hands on one of the most beatiful babies on the planet! How utterly gorgeous is she! Well done you lot xxxx

  27. No wonder she is so smitten with her, she is the picture of cute.. All that lovely hair and beautiful skin. I know when you and she get home there is going to be so much attention you will be in awe..

  28. She is just an adorable angel!! And I can´´t believe how much she changed in just a couple of days! She looks a lot like Keira!
    Enjoy these days. I wish you a lot of happiness!

  29. Ooohhh enjoy every minute, make pictures and also have a rest. kiss

  30. yummy yummy yummy!

    I’m clucking like the head hen!


  31. You have been blessed with such a beautiful little girl! Just looking at her makes me want to go back and do the newborn thing all over again. Enjoy each moment… even with the lack of sleep! Thanks for sharing this part of the journey with us :)

  32. awww such beautiful photo’s she is so beautiful, Babies always make you feel warm a new life is so special. Welcome home for Tommorrow. Take care, enjoy her. Dee x

  33. Enjoy going home – you are a great Mum and she will slot into your little family like she has always been there. Great to hear that she is feeding well and doing all the good newborn things.

  34. Congratulations, She is sooooo gorgeous, makes me want another. Love that head of hair, did you have bad indigestion? Again, such a beautiful baby, I think we enjoy number 3 and onward more, not so stressed, more go with the flow. Congrats again :-)

  35. What a beautiful sweetie :-)

  36. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! She is so very beautiful.

  37. She’s just so lovely.
    I can’t believe how much she’s like Keira as a baby.
    Awww newborns melt me xox

  38. gorgeous baby and what a darling name!

  39. Adorable! Glad all is going well and hope the first day at home is fun! :)


  40. Oh my she is just stunning !

  41. She is just gorgeous Corrie. All the best settling back into life with No. 4.

  42. Precious!

  43. such a beautiful photo, she is devine i dont blame you for staring! i am feeling clucky…….

  44. Can I reach through the screen and squeeze these cheeks..she is divine!

  45. Oh. How. Fun! No wonder you’re all in love! I can’t wait to see pictures of Elodie with the twins too. I hope all is going well at home!

  46. Oh Corrie, that last picture is beautiful. I have tears. Hugs to you all x

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