and the fabric keeps coming….

Today as we were picking up fabric from the warehouse (so I could get my hot little hands on it before little one arrives), retro daddy said ‘so is that it for the year?’…..I lied and said ‘oh yes I think so’. It’s not really, I know I have still have a few more designs coming and then there is Rosalie Quinlan’s range still to arrive…………
Please bear with me as I have a backlog of orders from Thursday to get out in the post (anyone waiting for an order will get a little something extra in their order). Edited to add the fabrics are now up in the store here and here. All orders received before midday tomorrow will be posted out in the afternoon otherwise I’ll still take orders which will be shipped the week commencing 18th October!


  1. OH my. You weren’t joking they are SO CUTE. Those pink santas and matroyouska dolls especially! xx

  2. They are lovely what will you be doing with them? Dee x

  3. adorable and i still can’t believe how hard you are working, you’re making the rest of us look bad mama!

  4. LUSH

  5. Hi Corrie, I’ve just discovered your lovely blog through Eva Mei and Me. It seems like a crazy, amazing time for you right now. It’s nice to see that you are still blogging about fabric!

    Looove that pink santa fabric!

  6. I think you must have the best job ever. Fondling all those adorable fabrics is tooo fun!

  7. Para mim, todas as estampas estão lindas.
    Seria difícil ter que escolher entre uma delas.
    Acho que eu iria querer uma de cada… (risos)

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