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Thank you for your kind words yesterday. It’s another home day here as I’m still munching away on hydralyte ice blocks and not straying too far from the bathroom, but so grateful all the little people are better. And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly fit more fabrics in this house………another box arrived jam packed full of 10 bolts of fabric. I have a few favourites. This is cinderella……………it reminds me of the fairy tale fabrics when I first started my store
then there are the large russian dolls which make the best appliques ever!
big russian dolls
or maybe alice in wonderland – the colours are so modern and gorgeous
 alice in wonderland
 these and more are all up in the store here……….


  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better! So tough being a mum. I love that Alice in Wonderland fabric.. it’s pretty cool! :) Hope today is good for you.

  2. Yippee, raining fabric, love it!! Get well soon & see you Friday, of course, you need 4 more children in your house. Love Posie

  3. I love the Alice in wonderland fabric. Lovely.

    -Samya :-)

  4. Wow I love it all….yummy, cheers Katherine

  5. Aww what a lovely parcel. so colourful, i love the alice in wonderland to. Glad to hear your feeling better. Dee 😉

  6. That parcel should help to make you feel better. My fav is the Alice one.

  7. Such a shame postage is so expensive….. Love the new fabrics!

  8. Adorable fabrics …

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