I never thought I’d really be a camera person. I leave it all to my Dad who tells me which model to get and orders them for me. So I’ve been having a play around with some of his lenses recently. You see I wanted a macro lens so decided on a 35mm macro lens, then my dad started talking me into the pro series 50mm macro lens which is what he uses…………


and gosh I love the photos I took at home testing it out

but then he showed me his pro-series 14-54mm and I loved that one too. Not loving this face too much, this is an all too often scene at our house when things aren’t going princess tillie’s way………I might keep this one for her 21st. But now when I look at this photo I feel very sad thinking she can get this upset over the littlest thing………….

So it’s a toss up between the 50mm macro and the 14-54mm or it could be both if I’m good for Santa this year.  Of course pro-series means more expensive!!!! And I was very sad to give them back to him.

But the good news is that when I do buy them I can also use them on my lovely Panasonic G2 with an adaptor which makes them very versatile! 

Are you a camera person and has blogging led you to become one??????


  1. Lovely photos…esp loved the bubbles!
    I started my blog about a year ago and now I get as much enjoyment from the photoshoot of the project as I do making them!
    I have a Canon 450D, which I got from Santa last year and would love a macro lens for it…one day!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  2. I have always love good photos but it wasn’t until I started blogging that I really though about what goes into a good photo. I still have LOTS to learn lol!

    Love the bubbles xox

  3. Had an interest in photography from childhood. Nowdays I want something small to have on hand to point and shoot. But must admit have been browsing the SLR types again

  4. I love my camera, I’ve been blogging about it recently, and about my macro lens! That’s very interesting about those other lenses. Aren’t you lucky to get a test drive :-0

  5. Sorry that was meant to be a smiley face but now it looks a bit scary!

  6. I love cameras and photography!
    I have an olympus evolt-E140 and a 14-42mm lense that I use most of the time and a 40-150mm telephoto zoom that I love. I wouldn’t mind a 50mm macro either but that will have to wait!
    I keep looking into dslr courses but haven’t found one yet that is on at a good time for me. I have a lot of fun playing around with my camera and have learnt how to use most of the settings but a few of them still elude me and the manual is pretty useless. Does your dad have any tips on good photography books or mags taht give specific instructions about changing settings?
    Pioneer Woman has some great photo tips on her blog too.

  7. This just has me even more excited to find out who won :)
    I love taking photos and showing them

  8. Gorgeous pics. Especially the bubbles!!! (And the Tillie tantrum is a keeper too!!)
    I used to love photography when I was in high school. My year 12 art portfolio was photographic portraiture. I even enrolled in a media studies course after school but quickly changed courses and the photography got lost amidst my ‘life’.
    I have only really come back to it recently. And yes, blogging has been very influential in that.
    Hope your bun is cooking away nicely.
    Andi x

    PS I am assuming that no news means no class for me tomorrow.

  9. Have you thought about renting lenses??? I am having the same thoughts as you hoping Santa brings me something much wanted in the lens department. I will dig up the web sites and forward them to you!

  10. I have always loved to take photos & it seems I’ve passed ths on to Piper. We (I) have more cameras than I care to think! I love them – I’m a huge camera nerd. I’m saving up for my first DSLR camera (I have a good old film SLR) – go help me when I get that that bay in my hands! :) xx

  11. I am researching a macro lens at the moment. I wish I could test drive a few. And I know it sounds awful, but I’ve got a folder for crying photos of my kids. Its sad and it probably says all sorts of things about me but I love the intensity of them.

  12. Beautiful photo’s i love the bubbles and your little daughters face aww bless her you really caught the mood of face. amazing what a good camara can do, really lovely ;-))

  13. I love my photography too and recently did a course at the Australian Centre for Photography called Camera Craft 1 which taught you all about how to take your photos on manual. Was really great and was only a 5 week course so quite manageable when you have kids too.Marco lens is on my list from Santa too. I just love the clarity. Look forward to seeing more snaps from you

  14. that photo would be perfect for her 21st ’tillie will be this upset if you miss it’ or something similar!!

  15. Awww, poor, sweet little Tillie! Beautiful pictures — especially the bubble ones. I’ve been a camera person for about 20 years but just took pictures. Blogging has made me think more about pictures — there’s SO much inspiration out there!

  16. Hi Corrie,

    The photos are beautiful and yes I am much more interested in taking a “nice shot” now that I am blogging. BTW, has NuffNang drawn the winner of the camera yet?

  17. I just bought a 50mm lens for my Canon DSLR and it has made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my photos. I always liked taking photos, but it’s now even more important since having a baby and a blog. Your blog photos are already great, but a bit more technical help never goes astray does it?

  18. Since having my blog I have realised I am a terrible photographer. I blamed the camera, so I bought a DSLR canon eos with my tax return. There has been some improvement and they seem to be getting better. I think lighting is my biggest problem. I dont have the patience or time to take my projects to a lovely outdoor location, instead they get photographed at night in terrible light. I definitely need a photography course.

  19. Blogging has definitely made me approach photography differently, and truly get to grips with all my camera can do, but I have always enjoyed it. I love your test photos!

    (and off topic a little – and forgive me for butting in – but have you read The Highly Sensitive Child (by Elaine Aron, I think?)…my Cole is a lot like your Tillie and this book was really helpful with ways of navigating life with a particularly sensitive little person. I just got it from my local library. Hang in there – twins are hard, 2 is hard…and I only had them, without older siblings and another on the way!You’re doing a great job!)

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