There’s a bear in there…..

When Fee our resident knitting teacher for Notebook asked if my three would like to go to the playschool set – well I had to wait a few minutes before I replied so I didn’t sound too keen but wowee what a great opportunity. She definitely has the best job in the world making sets, costumes and props for Playschool. Gosh, I remember watching playschool when I was little so it was always going to be a very exciting outing. Here we are in the green room having fun with the visitor stickers ( I knew those stickers wouldn’t last long)

sticker fun in the green room

then we got to meet the cast of giggle and hoot and that was when everyone got a bit too starstruck but we high fived and went on to the set – keira was hilarous and said ‘ I don’t think we should be here’ as if we were trespassing and then Finn almost had a meltdown as we left the set as he loved being there.

giggle and hoot set

Next stop was the playschool set to meet the toys and have a look around…..tillie adored jemima and the toys and pretty much spent her time there talking to them

tille and the toys

Finnie was obsessed with Little Ted’s rocket and the little house
and when I tried to move him away he just threw himself on the floor so as not to be lifted up…

finn's favourite

we had a bit of time here to play around which they all loved

finally I get the lighting right!

then we were lucky enough to watch a rehearsal where Alex was doing a cooking demo and they all sat so beautifully – oh I was so proud

Alex in the kitchen

and then lastly we asked for a photo with Justine but little miss starstruck was just so shy…and you know how much my girl loves a photo so this was the best I got! Oh and Justine is so gorgeous in life, really beautiful and they were both sooo friendly and lovely.

starstruck keira

So that was that, back to the car and home again and of course now keira is saying that was the best day of her life. And how can you say thank you enough times to Fiona for the most wonderful morning….definitely one of the most exciting things to happen to my little ones this year! I still can’t stop thinking about it and it was all just fabulous!


  1. Wow.. what a fantastic experience for everyone! I have a two year old and I have to admit, Playschool has become my favourite show these days too ;o)

  2. Oh wow Corrie that is so exciting for all of you to have had such a once in a life time chance to experience that. When I was reading the post I had a smile on my face and I could only imagine what fun your little ones had. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  3. That is so awesome. I’m sure they will remember it forever!

  4. Looks like lots of fun for everyone. What a great experience for you all

  5. what an awesome thing to get to do – my little Miss is right here and getting excited just looking at the photos – especially when she saw hoot!
    Nic xxx

  6. how wonderful to have freind that spesh…and really truly make your little ones feel ‘life is wonderful’
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  7. Wow that is one day for the photo album isnt it. How fantastic of Miss Fee to invite your 3 little ones there and how wonderful that they all enjoyed themselves too. I think it would be a wonderful job to have too!

  8. Lucky family! I won’t tell Grumbles, she’ll be so jealous!

  9. Oh my – L&O are reading this over my shoulder practically WETTING themselves. To meet Justine and Alex!! What a fantastic experience!!!

  10. OMG!! I’m so excited!! That’s totally Justine and Alex IN REAL LIFE!!!!!! My kids are all grown up now, but I am still thrilled for you.

  11. Very Cool – That would be most kiddies Best Day Ever.. how lucky!!

  12. How exciting for you all. I would have been just as star struck as the kids. An experience to remember!

  13. arggghhhhhhh, how cool is that!!!
    love the pics!

  14. WOW!!!! How exciting! I’d LOVE to go on the set of Playschool and meet big Ted, little Ted, Jemima, Humpty and Diddles the cat. My daughter will be ten this year, but she still likes playschool. How fabulous that Justine and Alex were on together, do you remember when they played a couple on Home and Away, way back when it started?

  15. How fantastic!!! You have some very jealous cousins here. Ellie has been walking around saying “my cousins on playschool”.

  16. OMG. No way! You are very lucky! I am jealous. No, my whole family is jealous.

  17. PS. Uncle Joe would love to meet Justine too!!! Personally I’m a fan of Mat. :0)

  18. I am beyond jealous! Man! Look how big Big Ted is!!!!!!

    That is definitely a day for your smalls to treasure.

    (I don’t suppose ‘Good John’ [John Waters] was hiding on the set somewhere? No? ‘k.)

  19. So glad it was as good as you’d hoped! And that your three were such angels :)

    And did you ask Alex how on earth he’s so well preserved? He has not changed since H&A days (back when I was a dorky teen and used to watch it – now that is a very long time ago!) 😀

  20. How very, very, very exciting! I can’t believe your kids have met Big Ted, Little Ted and Jemima (and hung out with Alex and Justine too). What a great day – would have been the best day of my life too (if I’d got to go)! Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

  21. omg, what a great thing for your kids! and wow you got to meet Roo and Frank from Home and Away! I am jealous! What a sweet day for your kiddies!

  22. is sooo cool, I would have been a bit starstruck too!

  23. Oooh, Playschool, it just never gets old!! I haven’t watched it since my kids were little.. And is that Frank from Home and Away.. oh I used to have such a crush on him when I was younger ;)!

  24. Wait.

    You KNOW someone who works on Playschool?

    You got to go to the Playschool set?

    You got to take the children to the Playschool set?



    Well that just confirms it. You? Totally touched by the hand of God.

  25. ZOMG – and having just read the other comments now realise Alex is that dude from Home & Away all those years ago. CLASSIC.

  26. Best. Day. Evah.

    I remember seeing the windows at an exhibition at the Powerhouse and just about having palpitations….

  27. How exciting! Keira even looks starstruck & nervous to be meeting a star. Very cute still though :-)

  28. Wow, i love Justine too, what an amazing opportunity, i wouldn’t have wanted to leave either!! Love Posie

  29. AHHH! so jealous, I adore Justine Clarke

  30. It looks and sounds like you had great day – sitting here with Amelia and she has asked to go and do this with you:) Will have to move to Sydney then wont we:)

    Thanks for sharing your day – back to look at the pictures again (on request)

  31. Corrie, its taken me the weekend to comment. I am still sooooo green with envy 😉 What an amazing experience for you all! I so hope Keira remembers when she is older. How cool to be able to tell your own kids that you’ve been to the playschool set! Awesome! Thanks for the pictures. HOw cute

    btw have you been getting emails? xox

  32. How great is that!!! Totally jealous :) :)

  33. Oh, I’m greener than grass!

  34. What an amazing experience and i am sure it will be a life time memory

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