crochet, crochet and more crochet

Lots of crochet going on here! On Saturday I taught 8 lovely ladies the basics of crochet and they were granny squaring along by the end of the class and I can’t wait to see their progress. Everyone picked it up at their own pace and while it was pouring with rain outside we were having a lovely time with our tea, shortbread biscuits and crochet inside. Next crochet class is with Sarah London on June 26.

how we spent our morning

On the homefront it’s crochet city as I power through my hats for handmade market on the 5th June. Markets seem to sneak up on me and I’d like to get at least another 12 hats done before we head down to Canberra. Notice all those ends….yep that is another job to do but as I seem to lose wool needles like I lose socks in this house I have to buy another needle for this batch of hats.

hats for market

I also think I need to do a retro mummy size hat just to beat the canberra chill down there!!!!!!!!


  1. Or is it just end-weaving-in denial at your place? (like at some other place I know rather well).

  2. I just LOVE your little hats! And wish I could come and learn to crochet too :( Hope you have a lovely week :)

  3. All the hats look great! I’ll need a hat too for the Canberra:) and I’ve got all my warm cloths out! I am ready to go but still need to make more things for the market:)

    See you there!

  4. They look fab:) Ah the evil life of socks. I am seriously considering knitting Baden a pair of socks + a spare.

  5. I wish I lived closer for a crochet lesson. Perhaps you should do a granny square tutorial as I would love to see how it is done properly. I never have much luck with books for some reason. Your hats look super cute Corrie, wish you sold them in your shop! I seem to lose wool needles too but I have a feeling a little Miss confiscates them!

  6. Those hats are so cute?! Could you tell me where the pattern is from as I’d love to have a go at making one for my little girl! Justine xx

  7. Oh nice work Corrie, yes you will need lots we have the chill but the days are beautiful and clear.
    Julie x

  8. would love to buy two of those hats are you selling them in your shop

  9. Keeeeeeeep goooooooooing ….!

  10. 放棄者不會勝利,勝利者永不放棄。 ....................................................

  11. Those hats are so pretty. No wonder they sell like hotcakes. If you have the time to put up a post… there’s a bloggers quilt festival happening this week. You just choose your favourite quilt you’ve made and write a post about it. I’ve got the link through my blog.

  12. Ack…I lose the wool needles too.

  13. oh I love those pink hats. YOu should sell them in your on-line shop! I would buy one or two.

  14. Gorgeous Corrie! Crochet is so on my list of things to learn!

  15. loving your hats thay are fantastic i am a fellow crocheter too

  16. Oh lovely hats for little heads, yes you will need a hat! brrr it’s chilly down here but beautiful if it’s not raining.

  17. Hi Corrie
    I was wondering if you could help me? I was wanting to teach crochet too….any hints??

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