heather ross on spoonflower

I love heather! Well I love both heather’s (ross & bailey). And yes I will be stocking Far Far Away II….I can’t wait! Anyway, about a fortnight ago I found out I could get Heather Ross on spoonflower and I was there straight away. What’s not to love…cute little gnomes

heather ross on spoonflower

and cute little mushrooms. You get to pick the colour, the length and don’t have to pay a small fortune on ebay or etsy for a teeny tiny piece of it.

love love love it

These will go in my special fabric tub (yes, I have one reserved for little bits of my very special fabrics) and be used in some quilts for my girls….but now I think some need more…..you know to really fill out the quilts!


  1. OH it arrived, how incredibly cute Corrie, i did peek too, but couldn’t decide. Spoonflower rocks – did you see all the awesome styles & prints?? My eldest wants some tetrus (not even sure if that is the right name, think 80s video game) for a pencil case!! Love Posie

  2. Great fabrics. I understand the love!!!

  3. Oh lovely Corrie! I need some…and a special fabric tub too! Sounds like a great idea xox

  4. Oh, lovely fabric!

  5. beautiful! our first collection two years ago featured the mushroom and knomes from heather…loving the new colour ways! x

  6. Yes you definately need more…much more…go on…get it now….. there now you can relax.

  7. Adorable! And I’ve just ordered my own custom fabric on spoonflower! Does anyone know if there’s an Aussie company offering this amazing service?

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