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there has been a bit of cooking going on lately, one of the perks of being over my morning sickness! I made another delicious pear flan and I have to say much better the next day so make it late at night, pack it away and cut up and enjoy cold the next day…delicious!

another pear flan

and last night I was in the mood for my macaroni cheese, perfect comfort food and everyone loves it except retro daddy who is over it! What is your mac’n’cheese recipe as maybe I can try that on him? mine is so simple but love to know yours….this is a very bad photo of very good pasta!

my macaroni cheese

2Tbsp butter/marg
2Tbsp flour
2 cups milk
1-2 cups grated cheese

I melt my butter and add in the flour, when it starts to bubble whisk in the milk and keep stirring till it thickens. Turn off heat and mix in cheese till it’s all melted in and add to cooked pasta (one 500g bag is perfect). I love mine with lashings of black pepper too.

and then today I did a batch of raisin oat cookies (recipe here), delicious! And my cookie jar is overflowing so the recipe goes a long way and perfect to keep the twinnies entertained while miss keira does her ballet class this afternoon. Thankfully there are no rules of disclosure so I don’t need to tell anyone how many hot cookies I had with my cup of peppermint tea

raisin and oat cookies

these will truly feed an army…..and the cute little placemat was whipped up over the weekend with some very cute fabric from my store!


  1. This is my mac & cheese:

    Men love this one.

  2. My macaroni cheese includes lots of tomatoes and onion. it’s really delicious, freezes well, and makes tummies warm.

  3. Oh I love mac and cheese! I have a post coming up with it being done in the slow cooker – BEWARE. lol.

    Your cookies turned out gorgeous – I just adore that recipe – it’s a keeper!

  4. I have never eaten or made macaroni & cheese, or potato bake for that matter. Is there something wrong with me as a mother of many?? Love Posie

  5. hmm pregnancy makes me want to cook and bake too. Today I made lemon slice (even though that requires no actual ‘cooking’).

    You could try a mac and cheese using cream, pepper, cheese…totally fatty, but yummy! Throw in a little ham and peas too….

  6. I’ll have to try that pear flan!

    For mac and cheese I cook a little bit of bacon or pancetta and an onion, and stir that through with the pasta and cheese sauce. Fennel is good too, if you like it. And then I sprinkle breadcrumbs and a bit more grated cheese on top, and brown it in the oven for a nice crunchy topping.

  7. You’re very funny with your rules of disclosure! Sadly, I don’t have a good mac and cheese recipe — hubby grew up on mac and cheese from the box and he’s never liked any homemade version. That boxed stuff tastes like plastic to me! You mac and cheese looks delicious!

  8. Corrie your blog is my favourite, and I love seeing your cooking, you inspire me.

  9. My mac and cheese is similar to yours with a little mustard added to the sauce. I then place it in a pyrex dish and top it with cheese and breadcrumbs and bake at 180 for about 15-20 minutes.

  10. I put a bayleaf in the sauce whilst I cook the macaroni and also add crispy bacon pieces and sweetcorn. Mmmmm :)

  11. I second Liam’s Mummy. I put mustard into the sauce. Seeded or unseeded depending on how picky those eating are. I like to sprinkle a bit of paprika over the top before putting in the oven to bake.

  12. Just feeding them your macaroni cheese and they are eating it!!

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