nicey jane

ta da! here she is! I made nicey jane for the spare bed in miss keira’s room and it hasn’t disappointed! Just to recap, I used crazy mom quilts pattern, Nicey Jane fabric from here and loads of white homespun (because I ran out of quilters muslin but now have 2 bolts to myself to keep me going for a while).

ta da!

The machine quilting was done in 2 nights on my trusty Brother and the binding in 1 night…I am so in love with the binding fabric which was a recent find from the quilting section at Spotlight. I emptied the bolt and knew it would be perfect for binding

the binding shot

and it was…..I must just press those little corners into shape but I’m getting better.


I must admit that it is sooooo satisfying to make a single bed quilt and I will definitely be making another one this size as my next quilt project…..

all made up

and of course there is the all important verdict from Keira…..and…..she loves it! We have one happy customer…..

keira approves!

who quickly accessorised her dress with a scarf before I took the photo!


  1. Corrie it’s so gorgeous! No wonder you are pleased with it. The quilting looks great, and the binding was a perfect choice. And you have a very happy (and cute) customer. Well done!

  2. Simply beautiful Corrie! Fabulous work. Binding is perfect and it is big! How are your arms after you marathon sewing?! Mine are always sore after quilting such a large quilt, especially if I sit and quilt for ages. Once you start it’s hard to stop 😉 xox

  3. Lovely, just lovely! The binding is perfect, you did an awesome job! I’m assuming you made Keira’s dress as well, her scarf goes so nicely. :)

  4. Beautiful, I just love it.

  5. i love this!!!!! just stunning

  6. Beautiful quilt. She’s so cute. Love the crossed legs pose.

  7. Great job Corrie, it’s beautiful! You are so fast at getting your projects done… and with three children… please give me your secret… I can’t seem to sit down for 10 minutes to crochet with my three.

  8. Haha – cute scarf! The quilt is lovely!

  9. Fantastic work, no wonder you’re pleased!

  10. Wow, that looks fabulous, perfect choice for binding, the colours match so well.
    So, I’m wondering what delight is topping Keira’s bed?
    Kelly :-)

  11. Gorgeous GORGEOUS work Corrie, you never disappoint!! Love striped binding, it frames the quilt perfectly. I agree with Bianca, wrestling a larger quilt through the machine is a bit of a work out & you do want to knock if over in one hit!!
    Looking forward to your next huge project, simply inspirational. Love Posie

  12. Just gorgeous. Perfect spot for little girls cousins to sleep!!! Love the binding, Spotty is getting good in that department.

  13. All photos are gorgeous, esp cheeky kiera! What a great bed to lie on and read, or play.

  14. Oh what can I say Corrie, simply gorgeous!! One day I hope to be able to make something to resemble a quilt, but for the meantime I will keep admiring yours. Keira looks so cute with her little scarf added too, how fashionable is she!

  15. Just beautiful Corrie!!!! The binding is just perfect.

  16. I love it… all your work is lovely! I’m so in awe of all that you do, knowing you have 3 little ones. I have one with 2 on the way and I hope I am able to do as much as you, although I doubt it!!

  17. I love it Corrie! Wow, the colours are amazing and the free motion quilting puts mine to shame!! Well done 😀

  18. Corrie, that’s so beautiful! It looks totally gorgeous, you’ve done such an awesome job.

  19. It’s gorgeous Corrie. You did an excellent job.

  20. It’s absolutely perfect Corrie, you must feel so good!

  21. Love it!!! What a great little girl’s bedroom it creates! I am sure Keira loves spending time playing in her room:) I love those pillows too! Well done!!!

  22. I LOVE it. It’s exactly the type of quilt I would have made had I had a little girl. Beautiful!

  23. Whauw it looks so beautifull! Love the colors, it looks sweet and fresh!

  24. beautiful!

  25. this is so beautiful, Very girly love all the pink and green goes so well together. The quilt is so simple but very effective. Well done it is just lovely.

  26. Oh…congratulations!!!! Its STUNNING!!

  27. Corrie it looks great, well done

  28. I love it especially the pink and green together highlighted with the white. You only started quilting last year from memory and now look at what you are turning out! I need a machine to learn free motion quilting, mine won’t do it. thanks for sharing the progress of this quilt too by the way!

  29. Your quilt looks just beautiful, good on you!

  30. Stunning!

  31. Just gorgeous Corrie. My hasnt Keira grown!

  32. beautiful quilt…it looks so at home in the girly room. how satisfying that must be! im still looking for a 2010 finish. well done.

  33. Super lovely Corrie!!
    Sometimes Spotty comes up with a winner!!

  34. beautiful work Corrie, love the binding, love everything about the quilt actually.

  35. Nicey Quilt…it’s gorgeous…and isn’t Keira a dot! She looks so pleased!

  36. Well I already knew it would be but wanted to say it – it’s perfect!!!!!

  37. It’s beautiful, and perfect for a little girl! Great work!

  38. You have good reason to be pleased it is absolutely gorgeous.

    Beki xxx

  39. Well done Corrie, the quilt is gorgeous. I am certainly envious of your skill, wish I had just a little of it

  40. Love it- so bright and airy!

  41. Just gorgeous!! How happy does Keira look? Clever mama 😀

  42. Just gorgeous! Love all the free motion quilting it is just perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. Susan

  43. It looks marvellous, I’d love to do something like that for the girl’s room. I bet it brightens the room too.

  44. It’s turned out beautifully! Love the binding fabric which is a perfect choice. I have just used that stripe for the lining of a bag I made recently.

  45. beautiful!! (and what a cute and happy little girl!)

  46. Great quilt Corrie…looks fresh and pretty!
    Rainbow smiles… Gloria

  47. that is gorgeous,you are one clever mummy,just love the colours…..

  48. Oh fantastic Corrie, the quilt came out wonderful! – kb

  49. Oh Corrie! It looks so beautiful there! And the picture with Kiera is adorable – she matches the new quilt!

  50. love the quilt! And looks like Kiera does too! You’ve definitely sold me on Nicey Jane…

  51. Ohhhhhhh Corrie! It is just stunning!!! I want to make one too!!

  52. Beautiful quilt! And Keira is super cute in that photo. She does look like a happy customer.

  53. ¡divina!
    un abrazo,

  54. It’s beautiful! I bet she will sleep like an angel in such a gorgeous bed. I love the pillows too by the way…

  55. Its so beautiful, the colours are so pretty

  56. Love your quilt. Almost as cute as your daughter!

  57. Gorgeous Corrie, I hope we see you at Handmade soon!
    Cheers Julie

  58. Wow, gorgeous!! In awe – love the colors.

  59. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I think I’m in love with your sewing.

  60. Wow! That’s gorgeous – you’re very talented!

  61. I wish I can sew! That quilt is just lovely.

    Happy Blog Carnival Day.=)

  62. That is a really pretty quilt! Well done!

  63. Jusr gorgeous, as is your little girl. Found your blog from AMB carnival and will read some more!


  64. Stunning!

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