Keira’s new tablecloth

Keira spends a lot of time drawing/crafting/playdoughing/playing at the dining table….I am forever putting new tablecloths on and today laid down 2 or so metres of Grandmother’s Flower Garden PVC….I can wipe it down or chuck it in the machine…I like that!

new tablecloth up close

I just got out my pinking shears rather than sew the edges and we’ll see how we go….I even think hubby will be happy as there isn’t much overhang so Finn can’t try to drag it off with him!

new tablecloth

It also made a nice background for some new quilting templates that are going up in the store today….I must say I’ve been having a play around with them and the fluoro is great as you can spot it a mile away if your craft room is looking….ahem…shall we say a little untidy!!!!

small dresden plate set

I was asked last night to clean it up so retro daddy could work in there…..oops. Winner of the giveaway to be drawn and announced tonight..I have so many entries (thank you) that I need to put them in excel and then draw a winner! oh and I’m helping out with another giveaway here , another lovely catholic mummy who blogs and crafts!


  1. That’s a great idea for that fabric, very pretty. I have a vinyl one that I put down when kids are art and crafting, but apart from that the table stays bare – too many mishaps!

  2. Well they are cool templates & i’m afraid if your studio is really messy, i mean super productive, having flashing a beeping noise won’t make them harder to find. If only i could be tidier!!
    Love the Grandmother’s Garden in laminate, super lovely. Love Posie

  3. Fabulous idea Corrie. I might have to buy some later on so I can put it on Isabelle’s craft table in her room, it always gets so messy with texta on it and paste. I am sure that would look much nicer.

  4. I love the idea for the tablecloth Corrie, so very pretty too. It would also be really good on a desk too. I put thick plastic on my daughters so she doesn’t get pen on it, this would look much prettier.

  5. That looks so much better than the newspaper I use to cover our dining/art + craft table. Are they knitting needles in the vase? Great idea, looks really cool

  6. Hmmm, may have to get me some of that! My dining room table is looking decidedly shabby!

  7. How Fun! I love this new GFG fabric — I can’t wait until we see it in the states!

  8. Great table cloth – I do like the flower/house prints! I thinking pinking the edges will work perfectly.

  9. It is beautiful!

  10. That looks fabulous :)

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