counting is fun!

I made a quick batch of keira’s cookies with 1/2 cup of smarties yesterday (most delicious)….and of course was asked by keira for a little plate of them…..but she didn’t eat them, oh no she spent a looooong time organising them, counting them, re-organising them…

and after what seemed like hours had passed, she finally started to eat them! And after all that fuss I made over Keira being given worksheets at pre-school, I say who needs a worksheet to learn counting when you have smarties!!


  1. Clever Keira! We are having ‘issues’ with the kids school. Sick and tired of work sheets too!! Thinking about changing to Steiner. Have always wanted the kids to go just didn’t have the strength to say yes we can do this. Now I do :) xox

  2. Mmmm Smarties. Does she eat the red ones last? Have you heard that jingle or is it purely Canadian/American? Anyway… Cute photo. xo

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  4. Work sheets for a three year old – ahhhh! What is this world coming to?

  5. I very rarely use worksheets in my classroom. In fact, I warn parents chances are their maths books will come home mostly empty! Oral, concrete and visual methods are the best ways for teaching maths and if you can eat your counters afterwards – what a reward!

  6. I love how much little people learn from things in everyday life. Learning with smarties is so much nicer than a worksheet and so much tastier.:)

  7. Isn’t that funny? My children do the same thing — if they’re given a pack of multi-colored candies, the candies must first be sorted by color, a “winner” color declared, and than eaten very methodically, again by color. It’s fascinating to see how their little minds work!

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