a perfect dinner

mmmm…………homemade quiche with a green salad and crusty sourdough.

I followed the recipe for quiche lorraine from this book and it was such a success…I haven’t made pastry for years but it was soooo good and we were all impressed! Just ignore the 225g of butter and all the cream that went into it and you’re fine!!


  1. Yummo – that looks nice. So does the salad.

  2. My Corrie…you are doing a Julie and Julia aren’t you??? lol and it looks soooooo nice!
    Well done. Now, just a few more laps around the clothesline… hehehe
    ‘o) Wendy B

  3. Yum! French cooking is so good and naughty xox

  4. Looks fantastic.
    I have felt like quiche all weekend.

  5. We had quiche, salad and crusty bread for lunch yesterday too! Thanks so much for your lovely mesages, Corrie, I’ll send you a reply soon. It’s helped a lot to hear from other people who have also lost a baby and to know that my grieving is just as it should be. I’ve been so sad in the days since it happened but am just letting myself feel low knowing that in a week or two I will hopefully be feeling brighter.

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