my first clafoutis…..

Gosh I married a good man! After we saw Julie and Julia, my lovely husband thought he’d get me Mastering the Art of French Cooking for our wedding anniversary later this month! I am feeling very special as he got me both volumes and its win win since we’ll all be enjoying delicious french food…perhaps in moderation to ensure we don’t grow out of our clothes!

Yesterday afternoon I tried out my first recipe in the book…..clafoutis…..all you need is a jar of cherries, milk, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla! The instructions were so straightforward, ingredients in cup and Tbsp measurements and it was soooo delicious….

afternoon tea today

So delicious that there isn’t much left……now the recipe called for granulated sugar to be dusted on top but I’m thinking icing sugar might look prettier next time.

my first clafoutis


  1. droooooooooooooooooool oh my gosh that looks devine :)

  2. mmmmmmmmmm – been thinking about getting the novel too

  3. It does look delicious Corrie, you will be an expert at french cooking in no time.

  4. I actually make clafoutis all the time because it’s so easy and uses up fruit that needs to be eaten. It’s really good with runny cream mmmmmmm!

  5. Oh I love clafoutis. It’s gorgeous. And you are a very lucky woman!

  6. Oh YUM!!! What a sensational looking clafoutis!

  7. Mmmm Looks yum! Could you substitute the cherries for blueberries?

    Stay tuned for a giveaway at my place tomorrow. You might like it. xo Meagan.

  8. yum. That looks awesome! what a thoughtful present.

  9. Yum! And what a husband you have! xox

  10. clafoutis is délicieux. I cook it all the time when cherries are in season. blueberries are good too. far breton is also divine and tarte tatin. they’re hopefully in that gorgeous book of yours. love French desserts!

  11. Wow, you do have a special Man!!! This looks yummy, I have to get and see that movie xo

  12. I love clafoutis and comfort food is on the agenda this week so I might have to make that tomorrow. Yay for retrodaddy!!

  13. Haha! What a coincidence! I was planning to have clafoutis for dessert tonight too!

  14. Yummy, that looks delicious!!

  15. Looks delicious! Perfect wedding anniversary gift.

  16. Looks delish! I have thought about buying the book, but given that I am dairy free while breastfeeding, I am wondering just how many recipes there would be without butter or milk, probably none, LOL!!

  17. Hello! I made this last night – yummo! You will see on my post that mine doesn’t look as good as yours, but it went down a treat! Thanks for the idea!! Nic

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