festive bunting

I know, I know, its too early to be getting all festive on you but I just couldn’t help myself! I actually have christmas fabrics from japan arriving in the store next month (think little russian dolls hanging from christmas trees, I know, cute!) but I just couldn’t wait to do a bit of christmas sewing now!

I also found a new spot to photograph buntings which are so tricky to photograph nicely! Retro mummy’s retro bar……..ahhh wood panelling, its so 1981! I was also glad to use up a bit of the cheap nasty bias binding that I picked up on ebay (cheaply) but that my machine absolutely hated as you can see by that little pucker. Last time I sewed with it the underneath of my machine decided to chew up some of it! I had actually dumped the whole pack in my scrap bin but resurrected it for the bunting but its painful to sew with.

And winner drawn tonight on the pattern giveaway to be fair to all our overseas readers who haven’t got to sunday night yet! Thanks ladies for letting me know it wasn’t Sunday night in your part of the world!


  1. Lurve those snappy snowmen with their headphones!

  2. Oh! I may have to share my falling in love now I have seen those snowmen.

  3. Cute Snowmen!

  4. little russian dolls hanging from christmas trees??… I think I just peed my pants with excitement.

  5. How cute…what a great idea of Festive Bunting …might have to steal that idea for our home!

  6. I love bunting. We have Christmas bunting, and the kids have their own birthday bunting that comes out each year. Bad luck about the dodgy binding.

  7. Never too early for Christmas sewing!! Only 95 days (I think)!! Very cute. And seriously!! More fabric. You know I am now opening my own shop to sell things I make so I can spend the money at yours lol!! xox

  8. Wow! So cute! And new Christmas Japanese fabrics??? YAAAYYY!!!!

  9. I love the xmas fabrics and cant wait to see the new ones too. How cute! Yes xmas I think is only 13 weeks away now, where is the year disappearing too. I really must finish some of my handmade xmas gifts.

  10. Ugh, know what you mean about sewing bias binding- I tried sewing some on an apron recently and it kept disappearing down into the hole where the bobbin thread comes up and getting munched, aargh! Do you use a binder foot? I’ve tried but can’t get that right either.

    The bunting looks gorgeous! I keep meaning to start mine for Christmas, it’ll be that time any day now.

  11. Corrie your bunting is totally gorgeous – so festive and fresh!
    I am dying to see the new Christmas fabrics you have coming – any chance of some teeny blog sneaks ?


  12. That’s a cute bunting. those little snowmen looks so festive :-)

  13. The bunting looks great. Gee I need to start getting ready for Christmas not long to go now.

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