my new blog

yes, I’m going to be brave and put it out there, it will be a bit radical for some of you out there and especially for my australian readers but I have a new other blog here…….now don’t judge me, I know this is very unconventional for this very conventional mummy ……

my head has been spinning with pre-school and school problems and this solves all our problems. I spend keira’s pre-school days missing her terribly and picking her up early and am so excited to have her home with me all the time!!!!!! I don’t want to sound like a really fussy parent but if I’m paying top dollar for a private pre-school I expect her to be looked after not find poo in her undies on more than one occassion or have her bringing photocopied worksheets home all the time! She’s too young at 3 to be sitting down doing worksheets and they don’t work last time I checked my teaching books! So I hope some of you will enjoy my new blog!!!!

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