knitting + rainy days

They just go together don’t they! miss keira is at pre-school, I squeezed in some shopping this morning for warm clothes and while the floors need to be washed I’m sitting knitting this little hat. And uh-oh can you see my little whoopsie…I only discovered it after binding off… a wrong stitch but I’ll put it on the side and hope no one notices!

I also picked up this months Australian Womens Weekly as it has a great quilt pattern by this lady…not to mention yummy winter recipes including fish pie and souffle! yay for comfort food! Tomorrow I’m going to share with you my quick and healthy vegetarian lasagne which is the ultimate comfort food in this house!


  1. Ahh – is that why I am getting SO MUCH knitting done at the moment – LOL???

    Yes – they do go together dont they. Love the beanie and I would not have noticed it if you had not pointed it out and made me look for it!

    Looks like a great time was had by all last night and what a great turn up.

  2. The hat does look gorgeous, and I wouldnt have noticed it either. Great quilt, perhaps I need a copy in my shopping basket.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really wish that we had a winter up here – I find it so hot knitting if it is not cold – doesn’t happen very often up here. I just love reading your blog – definetly my favorite!!!

  4. I just love your blog and enjoy reading it whenever you blog!! I only wish that I had the time and motivation that you have.

  5. I love that AWW is gtting back into publishing craft patterns! And you’ve reminded me that I need to get Material Obsession 2 very soon.

    Great hat! Hooray for rainy days!

  6. Yummy, lasagna!

  7. Comfort food vege lasagne is popular around here too. Favourite this week has been homecooked baked beans, another vege dish. Used the slow cooker. Very popular too.

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