A quilt with a touch of throw up

Well here is the quilt I’ve been working on for the bushfire victims. I made the light pink blocks (can you tell????) and put it all together (a mild touch of panic set in when I realised I would have to put it together…I’m such a beginner in my quilting group) but I’m happy with how it turned out with the exception of my very wonky top stitching (which I’m blaming on the polar fleece as you do). Anyway, this afternoon I gave it a quick press and hung it over the lounge for some photos

then I realised there was something wet on the quilt……I washed out 3 marks and couldn’t work out how they got there…I kept asking keira what she put on the quilt. A few minutes later I found some of Finn’s throw up under the ironing board…while I had been ironing he had quickly moved himself into the kitchen and under the ironing board…in a panic I picked him up and moved him to safety and continued to iron oblivious to the throw up left behind……eeeeeeeewwww

fingers crossed I’ve got it all out….it was sweet potato and chicken….not the easiest of foods to remove. And here is the smiling culprit….always smiling!


  1. ‘ve grown. They are gorgeous as always.

    Don’t you just love it when they chuck on you and then coo and gurgle like the sweetest most innocent creatures in the world!!

  2. Hilarious! What I want to know is why do babies throw up so often? I’m constantly getting hit by it!

  3. well. it’s still very lovely, even with the throw up!

  4. Thanks goodness we can’t see or smell what happened to this beautiful quilt. I’m sure the happy recipient will love it. Lets hope it’s a girl!!!

  5. It’s absolutely gorgeous as are those little monkeys!! What a great story to go with the quilt. Well done!!

  6. Awwww…he is so cute! The quilt is beautiful!

  7. Lovely quilt, Corrie! Good on you for pushing your quilting boundaries!

  8. Little boys what can I say. Finn does look adorable though so you have to forgive him dont you. The quilt turned out so beautifully Corrie, and I think people are always nervous about how well it will turn out.

  9. It is gorgeous Corrie! Well done!

  10. He is too cute! Glad you were able to get the stain out, we have some of that going on here though none of it is gifts.

    I gave your blog a little reward over on mine for being most awesome! :)

  11. oh, I absolutely LOVE that quilt!!!! The colours are just devine. Ah, what a bit of sickie, it still looks lovely!

  12. Beautiful quilt even with the added extras…

  13. You couldn’t get cranky with such a happy boy, could you? The quilt is beautiful!

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