super quick winter blankie

Here is the fastest blankie you will ever make. A large piece of cotton fabric and the same size of polar fleece.

Sewn right sides together leaving a space to turn out.

Trim your corners, turn it out and top stitch all around and you have one super comfy winter blankie that I whipped up for Keira yesterday. Just be sure to use your walking foot with the polar fleece which has a mind of its own.

And before you say how does she get the time for all these projects, then I better let you in on a little secret…..this is how the couch in the back room looks for most of the week. I always clear it a couple of times a week and especially when we have visitors but 2-3 loads of washing a day needs a temporary home and this is where it goes.

and hi to this lovely lady and her adorable baby Scout, so nice to meet you!!!! We were both taking advantage of 60% off at one of my favourite stores. I love a good sale and I sacrificed my morning shower to make it there by 8am. Think of all the money I saved retro daddy….he he he


  1. That looks just like Rach’s couch!

  2. Corrie, that looks beautiful and Keira looks so happy with it. One year I made all the nephews and nieces one of these for their birthday – they were and still are a huge hit. They wash so well too. I didn’t put the cotton on mine I just used double fleece – but that’s a great idea for the next one!

  3. Love it! Fast and cute.

  4. so you are human after all! nice to see someone elses house looks just like mine!

  5. Lovely lovely blanket! little one looks very cozy. x

  6. one of my favourite stores too! shame I work wednesdays and they ALWAYS have those deals on a wednesday!!

    Love the blanket, and the gorgeous girl bundled in it.

    PS your couch looks like the shelf in my laundry :)

  7. Great idea with the blanket! I have been thinking of doing the same with some of my op shopped woolen blankets. Yours looks so good, I am inspired to give it a go!
    And yep, we have piles of washing hanging around too:)

  8. Great blanket Corrie, but that’s definitely my couch!

  9. I just may have to steal this quick blanket idea…. my boys have just started asking about when I’m going to make their little tv/snuggle quilts for them. and THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting your laundry lounge photo, mine is almost always like this and I was starting to feel like such a failure, nice to know I’m not alone in fighting the laundry war.

  10. Looks so cosy – love the look on Keira’s face!

  11. At least your washing is folded!!

    Thanks also for the tips on crocheting ripples … I’m going to try it. Maybe after I fold the washing …. but then again …

  12. Love the blanket, such a quick idea! Was lovely to meet you in person…glad to hear I wasn’t the only one convincing their husband how much I saved! -kb

  13. Love the cute and cozy blanket :)

  14. That’s a great blanket idea… I’ve just moved my 3 year old into a mini-bed after she kept falling out of her regular single. It’s cot sized and all the cot linen is so babyish. I think this weekend I can make some time to whip up a few of these!

  15. What a cute and super quick idea. I think were gonna need all the warmth we can get where we’re going! Thanks for the insipiration.

  16. hey retromummy,another mom from australia here.I chanced upon your blog thru some website,where I was looking at cake designs.I love your blog..and also,glad to see so many other crafty moms!Its like hitting Gold!

  17. great blanket idea- love the fabric- super cute!

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