ripple it….

just a little bit…..

rippling is highly addictive…there should be a health warning attached to the pattern as every spare moment has been spent with this growing blanket.


  1. beautiful! and I agree, rippling is very, very addictive!!

  2. That is gorgeous. Must add to my wish list. It would make a welcome change from the washcloths I have been obsessed by!

  3. i absolutely LOVE the colours you’ve picked!

  4. oh, those ripples look FANTASTIC corrie!

  5. love those colours Corrie! so pretty.

  6. Wonderful. You’re so even…it’s just beautiful.

  7. Oooh, very cool! I love the design you’re using — with the raised rows — very pretty!

  8. It looks fabulous and fun!
    Tell me, do you think it’s something a novice could manage?

  9. Love the colours and texture! Will make a lovely throw.

  10. love the colours they are great…
    my mum makes rugs like these but without the noticable ripple…
    she calls the pattern a Van Dyke…
    love the ripples thou…

  11. Is it easy? I definitely want to try it. I have some lovely yummy colours just like you!

  12. I really hope I am able to pick up on hook and wool tips from you and your mom at the next Brown Owls. I’m hoping to eventually learn enough crochet to do amigurumi. Do you have any tips on what kind of yard and hook I might need?

  13. Wow Corrie, this is looking fantastic! The colours are just gorgeous, makes me want to whip out my hook too!

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