hibernating hexagons

these hexagons have been hibernating at the bottom of my knitting basket for a few months but I’m ready to get back to them…and I’ve also decided to keep the red!

and we breed crafters young in this house….miss keira is loving her new scissors and told me she is making a quilt for her bed…it was all going so well until she told me she wanted to cut her hair!!!!!


  1. Oh the hexagons look great. I love the red in it too. I dont know if I would let Keira play with the scissors after that. I remember I used to let Isabelle do craft and I couldnt find her anywhere. I went into her bedroom and she had cut half her fringe and the sides of her hair off and hidden it in her bedroom curtains. I nearly cried when I saw her and had to rush to the hairdresser around the corner to try and fix it up. It took quite a while to grow out and I never let her have the scissors until she was older.

  2. You must keep the red! Thankfully, I’ve only had a hair cutting incident with Bailey. Which resulted in an emergency dash to the hairdressers for a number 2 all over.

  3. Love the red!

  4. Aaack! Quick! Hide the scissors!!! Just think though, if she does cut her hair, she’ll join the millions of other small children who have had fun doing the same thing!

  5. Gorgeous new blog look. I love a scallopped edge.

    After I finally finished Edward’s quilt yesterday I let the scissors on the dining table and he got into them. Almost scalped himself, cutting off half of his fringe!!!!

  6. lucky girl getting to cut up such lovely fabric!

  7. gorgeous pix of kiera!! Love the hexagons and your colour scheme is rocking good!!

  8. That looks wonderful, I really like the red, I am glad you have decided to keep it.

  9. These look fantastic. I am on a mission to using up scraps of wool at the moment and crocheting is my choice of use at the moment too…granny squares are so easy! I would love to know how to do hexagons though.

    Martha also has had a “hairdressing incident”, rite of passage I am guessing LOL. Just keep the scissors in eyeshot, her craft must continue!!!

    PS Your quilts are simply lovely.

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