still hand quilting

yep still going….a bit more to do tomorrow and then I’ll be ready for the binding. I needed some sustenance this afternoon to keep going….after a month of no carbs I’m back on them and life is good again!

and Finn had a quiet word to me that he wanted a cute photo up on the blog just like his sister… here you go Finn.


  1. Awww he just makes your heart melt.

  2. Corrie, your kids are simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooooh those cheeks! What a sweetie.

  4. Looking good Corrie, bot the quilt and your gorgeous boy.
    Did you use a pattern for the quilt?

  5. What a gorgeous kissable little face! He is beautiful!

  6. ohhhh cutie finn….
    I want to kiss your chubby cheeks!! Good job mum!!

  7. Oh Finn is just so adorable. The quilt is looking great.

  8. Hello Corrie, your little ones are looking very healthy and happy. I’m surprised you can get any sewing done but when there is a will there is a way for all us busy Mum’s.

  9. That baby is Beautiful! As is your quilting!

  10. Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous kids! I forgot to tell James not to pull all the paper off the roll the day he walked through the house holding the end of the paper, crating a trail everywhere he went and emptying the roll in the process!

  11. Thanks for your comment about my purse Corrie! Your bubs are just gorgeous!!

  12. He is beautiful!

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