our Christmas

phew, all our festivities are over for another year….they began with church on Christmas eve which was a hot and crowded affair with a sweet nativity play put on by the parish school complete with a real baby jesus, tea towelled shepherds and tinsel angels…Christmas morning Keira had to be woken up to open up presents

lunch was a very Australian affair with prawns, lobster, ham and cold turkey

and the next day we did it all over again with more family….this year the vegetarian in me should have planned the menu because little did I know the oven door seal was worn and the long turkey cooking time led to burnt kitchen cupboards and doors on either side…whats a girl to do but pan fry her almost cooked turkey roast

and turn Nigella’s festive couscous into festive turkey couscous…..it was lovely even if it was like a scene from a bad Christmas movie but ever the optimist it does mean a new oven is coming my way….

after lunch there was time to test the water before taking a dip in the pool

open more presents in our second dress for the day

watch the twins wrestle

then nap

and now mummy can get the house back into order, put her feet up and enjoy a week of retro daddy at home…..


  1. *snap* – we had to wake Romily up too! And Carl is home for a whole week too. Bliss :)

  2. Sounds like you survived. Enjoy. the rest of your week.

  3. It sounds as though Santa should have bought a new oven for you. Keira looks very cute. Her second dress looks exactly like one I made for Isabelle this year with ladybugs on it. How adorable is Finn getting with all his dark hair too.

  4. Corrie what do you mean you need only a new oven…clearly you need a whole new kitchen now. One cannot have burnt cupboards!!!

  5. Thank goodness the new oven is coming. Everything looked great, especially the kiddies.

  6. I second Bianca’s comment….although a new oven is nice, too. Juggling three littlies and kitchen tradesmen won’t be fun.

  7. I just got a new oven a few weeks ago. Let me tell you – it is bliss cooking with an appliance whose door actually shuts. This new oven is like a miracle machine. Hope you get a lovely shiny new oven too!

  8. Merry Christmas Corrie :) Sounds like a lovely time. Enjoy the break! (and the new oven :) )

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