I’m all out of Crafty Christmas Ideas

Ok so I didn’t make it to 25 crafty christmas ideas and keira’s face says it all……she has one busy mumma running around with a lot to do before Santa arrives and that includes houseguests to look after, two days of festivities at our house and lots of extra mouths to feed…and a mental note not to offer to host Christmas festivities for the entire family next year.

hope you’re taking it a bit easier than I am…….in case I don’t get online (what am I saying, of course I won’t be online for the next 48 hours) have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy this special time of year. I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for (last Christmas I wished for one baby and a safe pregnancy and look what happened)…..you are all such lovely readers and put up with my waffle and ramblings and its always a pleasure to come and read your messages…..


  1. corrie.
    merry christmas!
    i hope you find a bit of time to relax in the next couple of days. oh, i hope so!

  2. Merry Christmas Corrie, Karrie (ISE6)

  3. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas. At least you will have lots of helpers with the food and dishes. I think it is always easier to stay home and cook when you have tiny babies to look after. At least when they get tired you can put them in their own bed. I do hope Keira has a wonderful day with lots of pressies from Santa.

  4. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright Corrie!! Looking forward to lots of inspiration from Retro Mummy in 2009.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Corrie. Hope the day wasn’t too stressful!

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