Crafty Christmas Idea 20…..jars of jammy goodness

There are some fabulous fruits at the moment just screaming out to be preserved…..this morning I decided to make a little bit of jam and a few hours in the kitchen produced 3 jars of Plum & Apricot jam.

All you need to make jam is equal quantities of fruit and sugar (too easy), water, a packet of jamsetta (that clever miss marzie told me I need the jamsetta after my first ever marmalade decided not to set properly), sterilised jars and a big saucepan….

Instructions are on the back of the jamsetta and make sure you do test that it sets or you’ll need to rename it coulis!!!! And also make sure you slop a little of the jam around the jar to make it look like you made it….oops but not to worry as I think some pretty fabric around the top of the lids will make them even sweeter!


  1. Oh that jam sounds wonderful. Where do you buy the jamsetta from, the supermarket.

  2. yes Sue, at woollies in the baking section where the baking powder and flour are! its in a sachet and you get the plastic jam covers and labels there too…all super cheap. I’m thinking some marmalade on monday!


  3. Don’t forget how wonderful the house smells after making jam, particularly plum jam.

    Homemade plum tastes nothing like the horrible stuff sold as plum jam by big manufacturers.

    BTW, Fowlers also sell “sausetta” for making homemade relishes etc. It’s a blend of different spices for relish. I’m a long time Fowlers user. Made all the preserved fruits for family when my boys were small. They weren’t as attractive as the one seen at Easter Show in District Exhibits, but they tasted wonderful.

    I hope you all have a happy Christmas.

  4. Jan I don’t have a way to get back to you but you’ve got me thinking about sauces!!!!! mmmmm and yes the house smelt beautiful!


  5. Hi Corrie,
    Just checked my profile after I saw your comment about no contact details for me. Somehow my profile had been changed so it wasn’t public. Have now changed it back. Thanks. Don’t bother about publishing this comment. I just wanted to thank you.

    The little tutu looks lovely.

  6. Jan, I put my Mum onto sausetta yesterday for the beetroot, which is lovely.

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