Hi, my name is Keira

Hi, this is Keira writing on mummy’s ‘pooda’. We’re having such a great day at home today…..first, we went to the park in the morning and on the way home I really wanted these pretty flowers so Mummy picked them but told me they are weeds whatever that means!

then we made some rocky road and I got to lick the spatula and bowl clean…..silly Mummy forgot to take off my leggings and I got lots of chocolate on them! what a silly duffer she is

after we changed into a pretty dress and I had my peanut butter sandwich (gee I love peanut butter sandwiches) we started to make some fruit cakes…I kept calling the butter the cheese but it didn’t taste like cheese and I had to spit it out! yuck! oh and can you see my mummy’s stove in the kitchen…she really hates that stove….my daddy says that maybe after christmas she can get a new one in the sales and I think that will make her very happy. I think my mummy really deserves a new stove!

oh and can you see my little step ladder so I could help in the kitchen….we had so much fun today while my little brother and sister were sleeping……

ok well bye, I better go and have a little rest and try the potty again because I really want to wear my new dorothy undies!!


  1. Oh how adorable is Keira. Loved her post.

  2. Keira, your Mummy definitely deserves a shiny new stove!!

  3. I think mummy needs a new stove too. That one doesn’t match the lovely house and she’ll be able to cook even more delicious cakes and biccies.

  4. Hi Keira, tell mummy that it looks exactly like my stove and I don’t like mine either. Maybe retro daddy could have a word to Mr Duyvken about Christmas :-)

  5. Guess what Keira, Charlotte and Lucy have the same stool. Hope those Dorothy undies are working well

  6. Hello Keira,

    My name is Finn, just like your little brother. I’m a big boy now. I’m 3 and I can wear Batman and Spiderman undies now! But I do like Dofory too. We had a fish called Dofory once.

    Your mummy is clever. My mummy doesn’t like making biscuits. She buys hers so I have to wait till my daddy is not at work. I helped him make a yummy chocolate cake the other day.

    I hope you all have a happy Christmas.


  7. cute!!

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