Crafty Christmas Idea 3…button boxes

Keira is teaching me a lot about what little girls like…crafting, buttons, pink, dress ups, ribbons, dolls and accessorising, amongst other things!!!!!! I also need to keep her very busy so decided it would be fun to make some cute pressies for her little cousins. We got some buttons out, little bead containers (about $1.80 each from BigW) and some hat elastic (shirring elastic works really well for bigger kids who you trust with a needle)….

and voila….we made a button box for each little girl so they can make their own bracelets and necklaces. We’ve also made something cute to go with them (but thats Crafty Christmas Idea 4 tomorrow and you’ll just have to wait). This is such a great activity to sort out the colours and put them in the little compartments and kept little hands busy for some time.

the only problem was that keira insisted on keeping all the pink buttons to herself and telling me ‘mummy no pink, pink is mine’, ‘no mummy don’t have da pink ones……’ so when a little miss wasn’t looking mummy had to sneak some pink buttons into each box…


  1. What a great idea! And what a fantastic button collection!

    I also like those butterflies from previous post – I think I might invest in WW this month!

  2. What a wonderful gift idea for your nieces. I had to laugh about the pink ones because Isabelle went through the pink, purple, blue and now rainbow color stage.

  3. What a delightful project. My girls also love threading buttons, pasta, seashells onto string. We made our christmas cards last year by glueing red, green and white buttons onto cardstock and adding details with pen to make them look like baubles hanging from string. It was a lot of fun!

  4. What a great idea – thankyou – I will remember this for next year when Amelia and her second cousins are a little older (actually Santa might make Amelia one – we are going camping after christmas and this might be a great idea to keep her occupied at the beach!

  5. That is such a sweet gift! And how cute is Keira!! Pink!

    I can’t wait until Melody is old enough to do things like that.

  6. “We got some buttons out”

    I want to come and play in your button stash…I promise not to take ‘da pink ones’! LOL

    What a great idea :)

  7. What a sweet idea!! It is so funny how little girls are so conditioned to love the colour pink!

  8. My girls would love this!

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