hexagon crochet blanket

well inspired by some lovely crochet blankets on ravelry, I decided to make a start on some hexagons for this pattern which I’ll be doing as a baby blanket (don’t think I can manage over 100 hexagons)…the pattern comes from a super cute Japanese crochet book called Crochet Motif Item.

I’m having some teething problems, as one would expect as a novice crocheter, getting the last round started and these look nothing like the blanket but I figure once they start to be sewn together the shapes will look better. I am, however, proud to have learnt how to read from a japanese diagram which wasn’t as hard as I expected and here is one days progress. I’m also waiting for some more cotton colours from bendigo.

And I’m still laughing at all your blonde moments and I’ll do all giveaway draws on sunday so if you haven’t commented there are 3 in total and I’ve got a huge pile of knitting and sewing books to be listed over the weekend.


  1. Honey, they look great. I love the colours that you’ve chosen. And I just have to add that you are such a great example of mama-ness. You are looking after 3 beautiful children, moving house, crafting and then still managing to find time to blog about it. It must feel busy but you’ll always be able to say that you didn’t waste a minute.

  2. You are so amazing. I can’t believe all you get done. I have been meaning to get me some of the cotton from Bendigo to do some crocheting and your gorgeous hexagons are so inspiring.

  3. Oh love love love the colours.

  4. Wow, great color choices! I don’t know if I have the patience for seaming all those pieces.

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