more photos

the computer battery is about to die but just quickly we thought you might like some photos since we can’t stop taking them….
Finn’s arrival

then Tillie’s

day 2 more nestling together….they stop fussing and crying whenever they are put next to each other and its the cutest thing ever


  1. Oh wow!!! I love those action shots. Now, in the first picture of the twins (from yesterday), who is who?? I am guessing that Tillie is on the left…is that correct?

  2. oh my – They are the cutest little buttone ever . I hope you all continue to do well.
    Congratulations to all the retro family.

  3. They look so sweet together!

  4. amazing,divine,oh so beautiful.Congratulations to you all xx

  5. Congratulatons – they are beautiful – you could have made $15 million with that picture!

  6. Wow Corrie -talk about action shots! Congratulations on the gorgeous twinnies.

  7. Corrie and co
    Congratulation on the new arrivals. They are so cute. Best of luck on the home coming. Aunty Julie cant wait to see them for a cuddle.


  8. My heart just melts looking at that last pic. They are gorgeous babies.

  9. Yay!! Welcome to the world little ones! Fantastic! Oh god they’re cute, they almost make me want to go back for another one! (almost) Congrats to you and your family! How are you feeling? Not too sore I hope? :)

  10. Still gorgeous

  11. Oh my goodness, what amazing birth photos! Well done again you lot.

  12. Congrats, very envious, would love to smell that new baby smell, they look gorgeous. Well done Retro Family.

  13. what beautiful little retro babies:)

  14. Oh, so beautiful. Muy uterus just contracted!

  15. They are absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations and best wishes to you all – such little sweeties.

  16. Congratulations! It’s so sweet to see them nestled together

  17. What two wonderful bundles. Congratulations and best wishes.

  18. beautiful darlings! congratulations!

  19. They are just so Gorgeous!!! Congratulations RetroMummy!!!

  20. Oh my goodness – congratulations!!!!!! Boy you really do know how to make beautiful babies :) I hope you are all getting enough sleep and enjoying being a new family of 5!!!! Sending you all the best wishes, smiles and joy in the world. And thank-you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us – they are so very very special. Kindest regards, Bec XXX

  21. wow look at those cute rosy cheeks. well done.

  22. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. They couldnt be any cuter!

  23. Oh how gorgeous those photos are. I love all the hair they have too. How adorable and I would be taking lots of photos too. Wish I had my digital camera when I had my children.

  24. Ack! Be still my beating heart! Aren’t they just the CUTEST babes? Oh, congratulations guys, you make the most beautiful children. *bless*

  25. Oh my goodness – what amazing photos – how precious they are together. Congratulations to all of you :)

    It must be my turn next! Due on Sunday :)

    Gorgeous names you have chosen too. Looking forward to seeing more pix of your beautiful bundles of joy :) :)

  26. they’re so sweet, congrats!

  27. Well done! Oh it brings it all back! Good luck and lots of cuddles. Boy / Girl twins are the best!!!!

  28. Congratulations!!!!! Fantastic news…it is always so special to hear of the safe arrival of sweet babies. Finn and Tillie…beautiful names.

  29. Yay! Congratulations!
    You’re making me clucky now….argh.

  30. Oh my – cute pictures of the two of them together and bless there little hearts that they settle each other – I guess they have spent the past 8 and a bit months fighting over your tummy space so they are the best of mates! Love to you all…

  31. Don’t they just have the most beautiful lips! They are so very gorgeous!!

  32. Oh wow, congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing the amazing photos. They are both so gorgeous.

  33. OH how wondrous.

    Congratulations – cluck cluck cluck

  34. awe, my twins do that still. at 14 months they are still that close, they’ve even worked out their private language already. imagine what it must be like to have a best friend built in from the begining. wild!

  35. What action shots. Taking photos while they were being whipped out. I’m impressed. They are beautiful and it reminds me of when we bought our twinnies home just 7 years ago. For the first couple of weeks they also liked to sleep next to one another. The reassurance thing I think. Good luck and I hope all goes smoothly for you all.

  36. Awwwww!

  37. Two Beautiful Healthy Babies, I am sure you know how lucky you are. Congratulations and good luck with the new additions to you family. I hope they sleep for you 😉

  38. congratulation to your family.
    they are just the cutest ever.
    and lovely names…
    the pictures are amazing

  39. Awww… I love that last photo… I could stare at them forever too!

  40. I am loving the drama in the first two photos! :) You hardly ever get to capture that moment of arrival…

  41. Congratulations – they are gorgeous!

  42. Em (EB Freckles) says:

    Huge congratulations Corrie! All the EB EP girls are really thrilled for you. Well done. Your two new additions are gorgeous. :)

    Em (Freckles)

  43. Awww, they are the cutest pair of bubs! Congrulations!01

  44. Congratulations! They are just beautiful and so precious as they nuzzle up to each other. Very best to you all.

  45. They’re adorable, congratulations!!


    They are beautiful. Take good care of yourself in these precious first weeks :)

  47. Congratulations- fantastic pictures to share. Enjoy every minute because it flashes past in a blur. My twins are also number 2 & 3 and now at 20 months I have forgotten them being babies. I am all teary looking at your photos and looking forward to joining your journey.

  48. Oh they’re just gorgeous and what fantastic pictures of them coming out!!

    Congratulations to you and your gorgeous family!!

    Beck & Cooper

  49. Stunning pictures – they make me go all gooey inside

  50. We had exactly the same with our twins: put them together in the cradle and then it’s o.k.! So cute …

    Greetings, Carolien

  51. What fantastic photos! Congratulations :)

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more photos

we thought you might like some photos…..we can’t stop taking them….

Finn’s arrival

then Tilly

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