They’re here, they’re here … two little blessings from heaven!!!

This morning we welcomed Finn Justin and Tillie Rose into the world. Finn arrived first at 8:11am weighing 6lb2oz, quickly followed by Tillie Rose at 8:13am weighing 6lb3oz. Everyone is doing well and we could stare at them forever.

More pictures to follow later this week.

P.S. RetroMummy has done an amazing job and Little Miss K adores her little bropther and sister. – RETRO DADDY


  1. Congratulations to Retromummy, Retrodaddy and Kiera! Such beautiful babies and such beautiful names…best wishes to all!

  2. Congratulations!! They are lovely – welcome to you two!!!

  3. Congratulations! They’re beautiful. And such great names, too!!

  4. Congrats to you all Corrie and welcome to the wonderful world of twins!
    Enjoy them while they are small – they do really grow so quick!

  5. Wonderful news! Glad all went well, and welcome to Finn and Tillie!

  6. Congratulations Retro Family…..
    Your two little bundles look gorgeous. They are GREAT sizes for twins. My twin and I celebrate our birthday tomorrow so I will remember your’s always….xx

  7. congratulation’s to you all – they are adorable

  8. Congratulations! They are absolutely adorable – that is such a lovely photo. I’m so pleased to hear that all has gone well. Looking forward to more photos later in the week!

  9. Congrats Corrie & Retro Daddy, hope you are resting up. Your little babes are beautiful & I look forward to seeing more of them on your blog & seeing Miss K in big sister mode!

  10. oh my gosh. they are adorable. a huge congratulations to you, corrie. and your new little family. whoohoo!

  11. Congratulations! They are both absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  12. Finally!!! LOL! I have been reading your blog for a while now and was really looking forward to ‘meeting’ the new additions to your family. As a twin mummy myself (my two were born at 29 weeks and are now 14 months old) it brings back a lot of memories. Oh, to have those newborn days again….

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you all, well done Corrie for some excellent baking and welcome to the world little Finn and Tillie! Enjoy!

  13. Too cute. Can’t wait to meet the new family members. Lots of love from all of us. Julie.

  14. Congratulations! What beautiful names for 2 gorgeous blessings!

  15. Congratulations! They are adorable!

  16. Huge congratulations on your two beautiful babies, with beautiful names! Completely adorable!

  17. Congratulations to the Retro Family! What beautiful babies! I just love their names too. All the very best for a very busy few years ahead!

  18. Congratulations and best wishes on the arrival of your beautiful babies – they look so adorable! Love their names!!

  19. Congratulations! They are two absolutely gorgeous bubs. And lovely names too.

  20. Many big hugs and congratulations to you all! They are both just divine as I knew they would be. Wish I could pick them up and cuddle them and smell that delicious newborn smell. Rest up Corrie and when you get a chance, can you PM me with your address as I have a little… hang on… TWO little hand-dyed & handknitted surprises for you that won’t fit them very long.

  21. Oh Corrie! Just heard on EB Mr Retrodaddy had picts up! Awwwwwwww! They are lovely, perfect bundles! Congrats to you all. Love their names too. xx

  22. oh congratulations! you are going to have so much fun. Twindom gets better and better everyday. Enjoy these first ones. Snuggle them and breath in their lovely twinnie smell, cause before you know it they’ll be off to terrorize your neighborhood with their slingshots and teaparties.

  23. Congratulation! What a good weight too! What adorable babies! Well done!

  24. Oh look! They are so sweet! Congratulations to all the retro family! Lovely names, too. Well done!

  25. Oooohhhhh, they’re beautiful!!!! How very exciting — CONGRATULATIONS to the whole retro family — now you are FIVE!!!

  26. Congratulations again! They are just so precious. Enjoy your babymoon…

  27. Welcome little Finn and Tillie, so pleased everything went well and they are safely in your arms. Thanks for the pic.

  28. Congratulations to you!!

    I love their names!

  29. What a gorgeous little pair! Warmest congratulations and best wishes to all the family……

  30. My warmest congratulations! -kb

  31. Congratulations Corrie! They are so beautiful!
    Now I know why you had to go to hosital!
    Rest up and enjoy your two gorgeous little ones.

  32. Huge congrats Retro mummy, daddy and Little K :) The Retro babies are just gorgeous!

  33. Erin (Cooper's Mummy) says:

    They’re just gorgeous, you much be in heaven! Well done Mummy!

  34. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks as you bring your beautiful new babies home.

  35. Congratulations to all of you – they are beautiful. Look forward to more photos.

  36. HUGE congratulations to you all!!!! they are so gorgeous and i love their names.

    hope your new family of 5 settles in very quickly!

  37. Yay, congratulations Corrie, Retro daddy and keira! What beautiful little ones have come to join your family.

  38. They are gorgeous! Welcome to Finn and Tillie!

  39. Ohhhh my…. congratulations on your beautiful bundles. Enjoy your first days.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations retro mummy and daddy and miss K they are just divine! Rach

  41. Congratulations!!!

  42. Oh my goodness Corrie, you and your hubby certainly make gorgeous babies. They are both absolutely adorable and not as small as I thought they would be. I do hope the handknits will fit them. I love the names you chose too, beautiful, and Rose is a fave in our house too as it is Isabelle’s middle name. I am sure you wont get much crafting done now as you have 2 beautiful babies to stare at and cuddle all day long.

  43. Congratulations to the whole Retro Family! Finn and Tillie are just beautiful. Hope you are all resting up and recover quickly. Can’t wait to see more photos of the babies!

  44. Blog stalker coming out of the shadows to say;

    They are just adorable!

    Congratulation Retros!

    Welcome to the world Finn and Tillie

  45. Congratulations! Such beautiful little babies – although quite big for twins, no?
    Its great to hear that they arrived safely.

  46. Congratulations. They are beautiful!!! Wish me luck on Friday!!! I’ll be thinking of you. Vicki at

  47. Congratulations they look absolutely gorgeous, can’t wait to meet them.

  48. Welcome to the world little Finn + Tillie Rose, such sweet names for 2 very gorgeous babies. Congratulations + best wishes to u all!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Corrie and Retro Daddy, Tillie and Finn are just divine! So pleased that it all went well. Hope you have a quick and comfortable recovery, and lots of fun with the twins and Miss K. Jennifer x

  50. Congratulations!!! Yay! Gorgeous wee ones 😀


    What a gorgeous pair! Ohh the amount of time you can spend staring at gorgeous newborns, I am sure it is twice as long and twice as nice staring at your two beautiful babies.

    3 gorgeous children, you must feel on top of the world!

  52. Oh, they’re SO sweet!! Congratulations. x

  53. Congratulations! Welcome to the world Finn and Tillie! You look adorable!

  54. Congratulations lovely retro family. Lots of love to you all.

  55. Congratulations to the retro family! What beautiful children and what beautiful names. Well done!

  56. Yay, that’s some good work from the Family Retro! You do some good cooking Corrie. Can’t wait for a double squeeze! Love the names too. Well done, rest up and I’ll see you when you’re up to it! xxx

  57. Contrats Corrie and Hubby…beautiful bubbies!!!

  58. Oh Corrie, they are just gorgeous. Congratulations to you, Retrodaddy and Keira. Welcome to the world Finn and Tillie. I love the photos of them snuggling.
    Mer, Drew, Chelsea and bubba Keira xxx

  59. And 12lbs of baby!! Oh my! Well done!

  60. Congratulations. They are just beautiful. Blessings on all of you as a family.

  61. oh wow! congratulations!! These photos are amazing. Your babies are just so beautiful, and the names suit them well.

  62. Oh well done retro mummy and retro daddy! What a gorgeous pair they are, hope corrie is recovering well.

    Congratulations to all of you.

    Back seat full now?


  63. Awwww! They’re beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

  64. Congratulations. They are adorable!

  65. Congratulations Corrie and RetroDaddy! They’re absolutely gorgeous!

  66. Congratulations Corrie!! Sorry I’m a bit late, I was away. Fantastic news and great picture.

  67. A huge congratulations to you and your family Corrie. The two new additions are just beautifuL!

  68. Congratulations. They’re so cute! Even their names are adorable.

  69. finally catching up on my blog reading and this is such a happy post for me to see!! huge, huge congrats on two absolutely beautiful babies, they are soooooooo cute!

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