another quick baby sweater

I love this pattern so much that this is my third…..its knit in one piece and is too easy…so easy I’m working my way through a boy version at this very moment…..

And life at the moment is about waddling around, having a whinge, telling the babies to move since both their heads are under my ribs, hanging around the house in the comfiest clothes I can find and finding a girls name since I’ve changed my mind at the last minute…….any suggestions of pretty girls name that aren’t too common are welcome at this point!!

9 sleeps to go………



  1. What a cute cardy! It’s getting close now. When my sis got to that stage with her twins, it was a reall effort for her to do anything at all (except maybe ask her DH for more high-protein snacks). Name suggestion; Magnolia.

  2. Corrie, that is so beautiful – I just love it – I am going to check it out as I have a baby niece now. As for names, as I only had three boys and no intention of having anymore I will let you know what my names for girls were.

    Ainsley and Siobhan!

    Hang in there!

  3. what sort of yarn did you use (I don’t know my yarns at all)

  4. Ooh not long now. I am sitting on the couch sewing up your little girl’s outfit so I will be posting it on Monday to you. I will need to double check your address though to make sure I have it right. Maybe a message on ravelry. Good luck with the girl’s names. The only unusual one I loved when I was having my son was Remy.

  5. Leah has just suggested one of my favourite girl’s names. I was never able to get that one past my husband but it is very beautiful. I also like Josie, Mary-Elizabeth and Susannah. I hope these last few days are peaceful and restful and that you truly enjoy being on the cusp of something very special.

  6. hi there.just stumbled across your blog.
    my favorite girl name at the moment is MAISIE
    but we have named all our dolls with unusal names if you want to check them out on etsy.username theroyalsisters.
    we have even found some alaskian names.
    like : corazon.
    or how about emerald or olive.

  7. Not long to go now……
    I love the name Chloe for a girl (that’s what I always wanted to name my daughter).

  8. Such a pretty colour and style. I always thought there would be millions of Chloe’s in the world and do you know she is the only one at her school of 500+. There are millions of Mia’s all of a sudden though!

  9. What a sweet little sweater!

    My daughters are Miranda Celeste and Ivy Cassandra–although I suppose if you choose either of those it will be less common but since you are in Australia they aren’t very likely to ever run into each other haha.

  10. oh my that is too cute!! can’t wait to see your boy version!!

  11. That is so cute! And as for unusual gorgeous girl’s names – Poppy is my pick 😉

  12. I called my girl Emily( which is in fact more common than I had thought at the time, but oh well) , but I also really liked amelie, my boy twinnie’s named kieran ( or ciaran if you want the Scotts spelling) its pronounced keer-en. Its good for boy or girl and means “my little dark one” in the gaelic.

  13. You and Justin must be getting so excited…not long now :) I am very impressed that even at this late stage you continue to make such beautiful items. Well done and all the best to you!

  14. Ella, Eliana, Jorja, Carly (can always get your own in there) you can always go for “sunday rose” heheh.

    vivien, Lilian or lily, emily, grace, ……i’m fresh out…..

  15. Get as much rest as you can Corrie! I have the waddle going on too at the moment, but only one set of feet kicking me ~ I imagine 2 sets would really wear you out!

    Here are some of our girls names (to be saved for next time)… Stella, Mabel, Pearl, Flora, Isla, Heidi, Clementine…

  16. Anonymous says:

    yah, i’m so glad you opened up your comments section! i’ve been wanting to comment for ages, but don’t have a blog, so i can’t!

    i like the name Lily… but I’m not sure if that’s common these days or not?

  17. love the cardy! i’m quite taken with Amielle and Mekeali!but i might be bias! i love Nyree as well, maybe if i go back again:)

  18. What a beautiful little sweater! I’ve always love the name Bronwyn….or, with a nod to Thomas Hardy, Tess.

  19. My daughters’ names are Beatrix Eliza, Willa Kate, and India Jane. I also love the names Miel (pronounced Mee-ell which means honey in French), Clementine, Molly, Araminta, Eloise, and Louisa.

    The cardigan is adorable!

    Good luck to you!

  20. Corrie it’s gorgeous! I am waddling too – with lots of pelvic pain and too many Braxton Hicks!! I can’t imagine two in there!!!

    How about Anneke? You can spell it Anicka as well, but I like the Dutch spelling. If this bub were a girl, it would have been Anneke for us :)

    Of course we think Romily is a lovely name too!

  21. I think Keira needs a sister named Eloise or Imogen. Good luck and take care of yourself in the meantime!

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