those cheeky twinnies

Well yesterday went well….I needed an ice block to get them moving but this time little boy decided not to move at all and little girl did all the moving for 2 hours! I definitely think they’re conspiring against us already….

2 weeks today and I’ll be holding my little bundles! The bag is in the car, 8 meals in the freezer and not long to go now.


  1. Great news Corrie, I think the babies get tired towards the end of the pregnancy too. It must be getting cramped in there. Can’t wait to see a real photo of your two. The one on your blog is so cute. Julie xxx

  2. Oh Corrie, I am so excited for you. Good luck with it all.

  3. All the very best for the impending arrival. Your tummy is gorgeous and all very compact considering there a 2 little ones in there.

    What an exciting time…

  4. So happy to hear that they are doing so well! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ them xx

  5. Wee hee! Glad to hear all went well yesterday. You sound very prepared. How exciting!!!!

  6. Well done on getting so far, how exciting knowing it’s so close!

  7. so glad it went well! not long now! you will have to bring them to the Sydney show so i can meet them! you will be up to shopping with 3 by then right?!?!

  8. OMG, when I first saw the pic (before reading the post) I thought for a second that you had had them!!

    2 weeks- wow. Sounds like you will be in trouble one thay arrive!!

  9. Corrie they are ganging up on your already, just wait until they arrive. PS – the bibs are on their way.

  10. So glad everything is going well . All the best for the big day. Catch up soon

  11. Getting close now – I’ll be thinking of you :)

  12. You are looking great! Bet you have your bubbas before mine decides to arrive! Good luck! (My bag is packed too!)

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