sewing and slowing down

Well on Sunday I finally got the sewing machine plugged in and made a dent in my to do list. First up were 3 cushions in hollabee fabric (from my store of course) for my SIL’s birthday which were quick and easy (I got these all ready to post before snapping so they’re a tad folded).

next up was a softie for keira that was also quick and easy and here’s my little miss in her role as quality control inspector

and I managed to cut out the Amy Butler birdie sling and have to whip up 2 this week for birthdays….it actually will make a great nappy bag as its larger and roomier than I expected and I’m even going to put pockets in which is something I tend to skip on my own bags only to regret it when I can’t find a thing in my bags!

and after all of that I was exhausted….I am officially now in slow down mode as everything tires me out from walking the stairs to the shopping aisles to entertaining keira…the babies weighed 1738 and 1739 grams today and have impressive head sizes that measure 2 weeks ahead but thats no suprise as keira had a 37cm head at birth….they are both head down but unfortunately in the same corner of my body which is rather uncomfortable but with less than 6 weeks to go the end is in sight and then the fun really begins…..and here is my belly which now measures an impressive 115cm which is about 3/4 of my height!!!!


  1. WOW! You still look great, Corrie. Love the cushions and the little softie for Kiera.
    Hope you don’t get too uncomfortable, I know how hard the last weeks are but I only ever had one in there at a time.

  2. Impressive baby bump! Hope the coming weeks pass quickly and comfortably for you! I am amazed you are still finding time to sew – love your cushion covers!

  3. Lots of cute things you made! I would be slowing too if I had 2 in the oven.

  4. Hang in there Corrie. You look lovely. Around five foot who was expecting triplets. She measured more around than she was high! Can you imagine.

    Lovely cushions.

  5. OMG look at that belly! Wow, not long to go now….I’m amazed that you still have the energy to sew anything at all!

  6. your cushions are gorgeous. you are getting an amazing amount of crafting done….

  7. I agree you do still look great. I hope it doesnt get too uncomfortable for you in the next few weeks. The softie you made Keira looks so cute. I love owls.

  8. Corrie you look fantastic. The owl softie looks great

  9. Corrie your bump is growing beautifully. The cushions you made are gorgeous – love the Hollabee fabric.

  10. oh wow, you are making me feel so much better – although also like a complete wimp when i see what amount of baby(s) you have to carry around all day! and with a toddler no less! you are my hero : )

  11. good luck with the next 6 weeks will check in to see your lovely bump. Rest up.

  12. Corrie you are truly amazing! Love the cushions – perfect cushion fabric. At least you make yourself bags – I’m yet to make myself one pockets or not!!

  13. I can’t believe the amount of beautiful stuff you are still pumping out!! I’m so impressed. You are looking great too, by the way. Enjoy your ‘slow down’ mode – boy do you deserve it :)

  14. Well done on getting some sewing done! Hang in there!

  15. That is an impressive bump Corrie! Not long to go now. I can only imagine what it’s like with two possums in the pouch! Bad enough with one!

    And good to hear you’re slowing down after all that activity!

  16. Now that is a beautiful bump! Wishing the next few weeks will pass quickly and as comfortably as possible for you.

  17. Really cute bag!!! – You look great! – Karrie

  18. I love your baby bump!

    The little softie for Kiera is super sweet too!

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