quick bibs

quick bibs
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While my little miss was enjoying a morning with Grandma Jill, I managed to start and finish these cute bibs. The pattern is from a Japanese baby book and I used the most boyish fabrics I had in my stash. My only dilemma is that I love the feel of the polar fleece backing but its not fun to sew with and the flannel was much easier. Anyway, the best part was using my snap press to finish them off…..you’ve got to love the quick projects


  1. Oh they are so cute and you get to use all those wonderful fabrics too. I dont think I would want them to spill food on them. The snap press sounds like a great gadget too.

  2. Congratulations on your baby news – little boys are really cute! Love the bibs – such lovely fabric. I made some recently myself and had to hammer to snaps on. Your snap press somes very professional. I received my order from you today – just love getting things in the mail. Lisa

  3. Cuuuuute!

    Where did you buy your snap press? I’m in the market for one and have only found cheapie ‘for decoration only’ ones.

    Thanks for the info on the tees too. Now I know it’s a boy, I can do some sewing :)

  4. They’re so cute. I love that spaceman fabric.

  5. Oh, great fabric choices. I would never have thought of backing them with polar fleece, I used Chenille on the last batch I made & they are so nice & soft.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Corrie! Your idea to make two babybirds next to mama-bird is a great idea! You got me thinking…!

  7. You will need those bibs by the sounds of it, congratulations! How exciting!

  8. I love that quilt from last minute quilts. It would be a great project for the later part of your pregnancy. Good excuse to put your feet up and stitch. Exciting baby news! At least now you can start getting prepared.

  9. Gorgeous bibs – the fabric is perfect! I used a really low pile toweling on the back of mine, which was also not that fun to sew. But so handy for wetting and using as a face cloth once the eating is done 😉

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