We love car-kay

Miss keira loves car-kay…..thats cupcakes to you and me! she can’t get enough of them and usually stuffs them in her mouth looking for more….

and big thanks to claudine my personal IT consultant for my beautiful banner and shop button! you are the best….fabric love coming your way


  1. Your little girl is SO cute and adorable.

    Love your new blog banner too, all that fabric is gorgeous,

  2. Cut-tee.

  3. She is gorgeous! Caroline was indulging in cupcakes tonight also, at a “princess party” (we were at a wedding reception). I have tagged you, so look at my blog for the details.

  4. Oh this post is all toooo cute.
    Love Miss Keira’s knitted cardigan and those gorgeous jeans.
    The banner is lovely too. Very flash

  5. She’s so gorgeous Corrie, I don’t know how you haven’t gobbled her up by now!


  6. Aww thanks, Corrie!

    Keira is so adorable as always. I love car-kay too! :)

  7. Kiera is just gorgeous!
    Very cute cardigan too.
    I don’t mind the occasional cupcake myself!!

  8. Oh how cute is she – love the look on her face – “Mum, would just let me enjoy it instead of needing to take my photo!”

    Love the banner and the new button too – stands out well!

  9. So cute! I want to kiss those cheeks.

  10. The new banner looks wonderful. I love Keira’s curls, so adorable. Did you knit the cardigan she is wearing too.

  11. Your little girl is so gorgeous!And your banner looks wonderful too!

  12. Little Miss Keira is as cute as a bug’s ear. I’m loving car-kay too, if only Percy would let me eat them for breakfast!

  13. Keira is such a cutie Corrie! I love your new banner too BTW

  14. doesnt everyone love a good cupcake?? yum!

  15. Gorgeous picture and your banner (and shop) are great !

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