quick knit jacket

this is the quick knit jacket from the latest Jo Sharp magazine….its coming along nicely…I started after dinner tonight and I’ve done half the back..super easy and aiming to have it done by next week thanks to this cold snap in sydney! Its knit with 2 strands of 8 ply and i’m using Bendigo so I think the cardy will come in under $25 which is a bargain really! I bought the same for keira so we can be matching…….awwwwwwwwwwwwww

Well I went back to the sale and got more buttons, fabric and tape for my mum and thought I’d check in tmrw afternoon if they had any thing else left…sounds like a few bloggers have made it there!

not much else except birthday preparations for keira….who would have thought a 1 year olds birthday would be taking over my life!


  1. The color of the cardigan looks beautiful, and Bendigo wool is always great to use. I cant wait to see how it turns out, and matching with Keira will be just adorable too. Good luck with the party for Keira too, my daughter is 6 this year, and it is already starting to be planned, and it is over 2 mths away. At least the kids have lots of fun.

  2. Beautiful colour on that yarn & that cardi will look great, specially with a matching mini-version. Agree with you on the birthday prep, we’re gearing up for ours next week. Who knew we needed so much stuff for a birthday, the kid won’t even remember?

  3. But the first birthday is such a milestone one isn’t it. Enjoy the party.

    Love the colour of that jacket, I’m sure you and Keira will look great wearing the same outfit.

  4. ooohhh how cute that you guys are going to be matching!!!!!!!!!

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